Snordwich Chronicles XXVII: Influenza

By early spring, the sickness that had the baker and his wife so worried has made its way round the village to the Fowlers’ cottage. On the Feast of the Candles, Robert comes home from church with weak legs and a fever. His wife Elvina puts him to bed to sleep it off while she makes lunch.

Their daughters are both outside. Rikidle is playing with the chicks.

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Snordwich Chronicles, XXVI: Mistress Grancourt

In her husband’s absence, Ewfame Grancourt presides over his house and lands. When Nativity Day arrives, she feasts his tenants on goose and beef.

She sees her children’s old nursemaid Margery among her guests. Ewfame will never forget the happy summer days they spent together by the lake. She calls the young woman before the dais, and tells her that should she ever want for anything —food, clothes, employment for her son—it shall always be hers at Havlock Hall.

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