Seaview Cabin (Unfurnished)

This clifftop cabin was built for 120 Wright Way, one of the two sloped lots in Sunset Valley, which provides a +15 Beautiful Vista moodlet and sweeping views of the bay. However, since the house sits on stilts at the back, and no CFE was used in its construction, it should be fairly easy to adapt to a flat lot if that location doesn’t suit you.

The house’s two-story floor plan allows for up to six bedrooms: a 5×4 and 4×4 downstairs (both with built-in closets), and four slightly larger rooms upstairs. When the weather is nice, sims can enjoy the small south-west-facing garden or catch the morning sun on the terrace. Inside, the main living areas are a 11×4 screened porch with a full sea view, a 5×12 firelit great room, and a 5×4 pre-fitted kitchen (complete with Five-Star Chef fridge). Three full bathrooms—one downstairs and two upstairs—have also been fitted for you.

All sinks and showers are self-cleaning, and should also be unbreakable because they have all been repaired by a ‘Plumber’ sim. (Do let me know if this doesn’t turn out to be the case in your game.) Additionally, the stove and shower have been scientifically improved to provide small mood boosts to sims who interact with them, and I have placed Master Floor Hygienators across the front and side entrances and under the stairs.

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Sunflower Surf (Unfurnished)

The floorplan of this unfurnished seaside home can accommodate up to three double bedrooms.

Downstairs, you’ll find an empty 7×8 great room, with a fireproof fireplace, fitted bookcase, and access to front and back porches. Underneath the front door, I’ve placed six Master Floor Hygienators, which will give your sims a little clean and a couple of positive moodlets any time they pass through it.  Off of the great room are a fitted kitchen with breakfast bar and Five-Star Chef fridge, an empty 5×6 room, a self-cleaning bathroom with shower/tub combo, and stairs leading down to the beginnings of a basement and up to the second floor.

Upstairs are two 4×6 empty rooms and a self-cleaning Jack-and-Jill bathroom (shower only; no tub).

The build is shown here at 477 Sunnyside Blvd. in Sunset Valley, which provides views of the bay and a +25 Beautiful Vista moodlet.

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Family Craftsman (Unfurnished)

With its spacious floor plan, this solidly constructed craftsman can easily accommodate a full-sized family. On the ground floor, you’ll find a sunny, modern fitted kitchen, complete with breakfast bar and a special fridge in which meals never spoil. Though it depends on how you want to lay out your sitting/dining/skilling areas, this level will probably be where you choose to set up your master bedroom, with (already fitted) en suite bathroom.

Upstairs is a further bathroom, plus two generously sized bedrooms, and a smaller room that could be a twin bedroom, nursery, or home office. If you want double beds in all the rooms, this level could also be remodelled to fit three full bedrooms and two small bathrooms.

The house costs just under 58K on a 30×30, though if you would like a larger garden I would recommend a 30×40.

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Craftsman-Style Starter (Unfurnished)

This compact and affordable craftsman is ideal for singles, couples, sharers or small families just starting out. The house comes with the kitchen, bathroom, simple wallpaper/floor tiles, and (limited) lighting already in place, but is otherwise unfurnished. I have also started the basement for you, as they can be tricky to add later on. In addition to the open plan front room (with basement access and kitchen), there is one bathroom, and two empty back rooms, each of which can fit a double bed.

When placed on a 30×30 lot it will cost 16,264, leaving sims living alone with 236 simoleons until they hit their first payday. If they have a friend or a partner living with them, they will have 2,236.

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Riverside Fishing Cabin

This rustic log cabin, shown here at 41 North Falls Av. (Moonlight Falls), is full of spaces for your sims to socialize, relax, and work on their hobbies. It was designed with sports-lovers in mind, with a workout area, fishing bait garden, soccer goal, foosball table, and boat storage. However, on site you’ll also find an easel, outdoor chess table, guitar, games console, spacious kitchen, and shelves loaded with skill books. The house is currently set up with two double bedrooms, but could easily be modified to accommodate a family.

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Lakeside Retreat

This 1.5 bedroom craftsman would be ideal for a retired couple looking for a peaceful place to unwind. If necessary, the study could be converted into a further half bedroom.

When the lot is placed at 204 Lakeside Drive in Moonlight Falls, trees and shrubs help shield the back patio from the road, while large south-west to south-east facing windows let the sunshine in and open up onto views of the woods and lake.

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Lupine Lane Starter

Complete with a double bedroom, single guest bedroom, eat-in kitchen, small study, and shower/WC/washer room, this bright, eclectic modern home is ideal for a single sim just starting out. It currently has a 20×20 footprint, and is shown here at 29 Lupine Lane (Moonlight Falls), but it will still come in under 16,500 on a 20×30.

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South Simla Hideaway

At just over 35K, this 1.5-bedroom home would make an affordable vacation spot for a couple or small family. I’ve used cheap plumbing and kitchen appliances, so you may want to switch in nicer ones if you have a little more to spend. In my game, the house sits at 10 South Ancestor Hills, though I haven’t really taken advantage of the views you can get from that lot. Still, placing it there gets you the +15 beautiful vista moodlet and a sunny, south-facing back garden.

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