South Shang Simla Park

My beautiful vistas research inspired me to build a couple of things for Shang Simla. Here is the first of them, a place for your sims to hone their martial arts skills, enjoy a relaxing steam bath, or grab a quiet drink.

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Shang Simla Beautiful Vistas

I’ve compiled this as a resource for builders looking to create a picturesque home in Shang Simla with the beautiful vista moodlet. You can see my lists for some of the other worlds in this forum post.

I was only able to find four beautiful vista lots in Shang Simla, all of them close together.

  1. 10 South Ancestor Hills (20×30) +15
  2. 30 East Ancestor Hills (30×40) +20
  3. 220 South Shang Simla Hills (40×40) +20
  4. 200 South Shang Simla (40×40) +20

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Snordwich Chronicles, LXVI: Visiting Friends and Family

Ewfame Grancourt ambles about the house in her mourning dress. Just yesterday she laid her husband of nine years to rest.

They were not close, Gilbert and she. They lived apart for half their marriage, and the other half she spent in fear of his disapproval. But without him she would not have had her name, her home, or her two beloved children. For those blessings she prays to the Watcher to show him grace.

Their son Thomas is master now. It makes Ewfame happy to see him, so much alike in looks her own dear father, at the centre of the table commanding everyone’s love and respect. Thomas is given to the same black moods that Gilbert had, but is easier to lift out of them. He is always full of praise for everyone and everything.

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Snordwich Chronicles, LXII: Planning for the Future

As  Lord Snordwich watches Roger and Matilda together, he thinks how ungainly his son looks next to his graceful wife. The boy has at least set aside that awful yellow doublet he used to wear, but he looks so uncomfortable—somehow stiff and bent in all the wrong places.

Attending the young couple is Richard, Philip Clerinell’s only son.

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