Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 27

We laid Sun Young to rest in the Land of the Ancestors graveyard.

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Skills Legacy Gameplay, Part 26

When Lin’s birthday arrived, I had a real nightmare trying to get her to age up. She would start celebrating at the birthday cake, but then the interaction would cancel out for no reason. The same thing happened when I tried to use Master Controller’s ‘trigger age transition’.

I vaguely remembered having a similar issue a few years ago. Back then it was resolved by resetting the problematic sim before their birthday, but that didn’t help this time. Neither did reloading my game with cleared caches, nor moving the family in and out. I even rolled back to a save I’d made before we went to Egypt, in case something had got messed up during travel, but to no avail.

In the end, I just aged Lin up in CAS, then reset her to stop her glitching out. I used a randomizer to determine her final trait. Now she’s brave, artistic, a gatherer, and a night owl.

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The Vanderburg-Grey Household

High-spirited band manager Danette loves nature walks, jamming with her sister Susannah, and hanging out at the local clubs. Danette was raised in Bridgeport by famous writer-director duo, Cid and Samantha Severus-Grey. Though she still sees her parents often, she and husband Roger are now ready to make their own way in the world, with a little good luck.

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