The Bagley-Hernandez Household

Vampire and retired crime lord Franco Bagley-Hernandez lives with his family at 25 Briny’s Deep. He is a cruel, irreverent, violent man, with no friends, and only a distant relationship with his three daughters. His bad nature has even driven a wedge between him and his wife (and former partner in crime) Rhoda. Franco spends a lot of his spare time keeping his body in perfect physical shape. Although he no longer commands a whole network of thieves, on quiet nights he still likes to sneak out into the town center to steal his neighbours’ prized possessions.


Franco’s wife Rhoda spent her younger days desperately and unsuccessfully trying to please her mother. She joined the ‘family business’, worked hard on her speed and agility, and perfected her sneaking skills, but Ma Bagley always favoured Rhoda’s brother Sherman, even when he betrayed the Bagley traditions by deciding to pursue a career in law enforcement. But one dark evening Rhoda met a mysterious stranger, who transformed her into a swift and fearless creature of the night. Together they were an unstoppable team. They robbed banks and stole from wealthy neighbours; they established a powerful smuggling racket in Barnacle Bay. But as the years went by, Franco became even more unkind than even brave, head-strong, and morally unscrupulous Rhoda could handle, and not even the birth of three beautiful daughters could save the marriage. Now they barely speak at all, except to discuss the family holdings and legacy. Throughout her life, Rhoda has been a neglected child, jealous sister, estranged wife, and powerful master thief, but now, in her old age, perhaps it’s not too late for her to be a good mother and salvage some kind of relationship with her girls. Rhoda is based on Rhoda Bagley from Riverview.


Franco and Rhoda’s eldest daughter Deborah is an energetic, creative, and sociable young vampire with a wide variety of talents and interests and lots of different friends. Deborah will be finishing high school and attending university soon. She is leaning towards study Fine Arts to prepare her for a career in music, but hasn’t made her final decision yet.


Deborah’s little sister Tamika is clever and warm-hearted. She and her twin sister Bethany have just started high school. Tamika is keen to study very hard and grow up to become a doctor, so that she can give a little back to the community from which her parents have taken so much.


Bethany has very little in common with Tamika, although the girls are very close. She has a strong-willed, rebellious streak just like Deborah, and has inherited her mother’s short temper and beautiful dark eyes. Bethany is very artistic and particularly enjoys painting and sculpting.


The Bagley-Hernandez home is called ‘Breaking Waves’, and boasts cutting edge architecture and beautiful sea views.

Franco and Rhoda can sit out by the pool at night, once the sun has gone down. As teens, Deborah and Tamika can enjoy it at any time of day. (Bethany hates the outdoors, so couldn’t be less interested.)

Main sitting room.


Dining room. Turkey not included.

Franco and Rhoda’s study. Be sure to check inside the chest!

Franco’s bedroom.

Since Franco and Rhoda are on such bad terms, she has her own sitting room upstairs, just outside her bedroom.

Rhoda’s bedroom.

Rhoda’s en suite bathroom.


Tamika and Bethany share a bedroom. (Deborah’s room was a bit too small to photograph, but you can see it in the floor plans linked below.)

A rec room for the girls.

Ground Floor Plan  First Floor plan  Second Floor Plan.



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