The Kramer-Radan Household

Morgana Kramer-Radan grew up on a farm with her kind-hearted, green-thumbed, nature-loving parents, and she hated almost every minute of it. The only things that really made her smile were sneaking out to her friends’ parties, stealing candy from her baby sister Alison, and plotting her escape from her humdrum life. Sometimes she would run miles and miles away from her house, and imagine never having to return. Now an adult, business graduate, and a successful con artist, Morgana wantsto take revenge on all the well-adjusted, good-natured types who remind her of her family. With the recent retirement of local crime lords Franco and Rhoda, a power vacuum has opened in the Barnacle Bay criminal underworld, and, with her husband Richie at her side, Morgana plans to work her way up the ranks to fill it!


Back home in Croatia, Richie was a politician on the city council. But on vacation in Barnacle Bay, he got pulled into the local smuggling racket, and crime paid so well that he decided to stay. Now he’s teamed up with talented con artist and love of his life Morgana, nothing can stop him from rising to the top! Richie is based on Richie Radan from Barnacle Bay.


Richie and Morgana have just moved into 28 Briny’s Deep, where they can keep an eye on their neighbours and predecessors Franco and Rhoda. Their home is called ‘The Crow’s Nest’, to reflect it’s nautical influences and dark interiors.

At the back of the house is a patio with martial arts equipment for Morgana.

The multi-story, open-plan great room is wonderful for entertaining.

Dining area. Food not included.

Tucked away in the corner of the great room is a little office area.

Guest bedroom.


The master bedroom overlooks the great room and has a private balcony.

Ground Floor Plan  First Floor Plan


I have used a few custom sliders on Richie and Morgana, but none of them will transfer into your game and the differences if you do not have them will be small. These are the sliders I have used:

For Richie: Eye Length, Stretch, and Width sliders by bella3lek4 

For Morgana: Body Sliders by jonha




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