Seaview Training Grounds

This equestrian training center at 438 Tidal Terrace is a great spot for your sims and their horses to train, socialize, or relax. It features racing and jumping courses, stables, a riding gear and gift shop, a tea room with both indoor and outdoor dining, a romantic hay loft, and picturesque ocean views.

Please note that, due to an EA design oversight with the Into the Future mannequins, the clothes I made for the shop will not transfer with the lot. To make it easier for you to dress them up again, I have uploaded some riding gear for you to use.



Car Park


Hayloft. If you notice the larger bales of hay showing from the floor below, pick them up and then release them and it should fix the problem. The rest of this upper level is empty, but if you would like to add to it, simply go into buydebug mode and delete the hidden room marker I have placed.

Riding gear and gift shop. Outfits can be purchased from the mannequins, copies of the artwork and riding trophies can be obtained from the treasure chest, and the lights and hanging bridles are not for sale. Everything else can be purchased either from the cash register or by clicking directly on the object.


Ground Floor Plan   First Floor Plan





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