The Hernandez-Cross Household

Franco‘s nature-loving nephew Ty is a talented cook and artist. He is the head chef at Barnacle Bay’s nicest restaurant, and lives with his wife Odessa at 31 Old Fisherman’s Pass, all the way across town from his evil uncle.


Odessa met Ty at work, but has since retired from the culinary career to focus on her painting and glassblowing. She loves to explore new places and meet interesting people. As a young adult, she traveled all over the world, and she has decorated the family home with artifacts from her adventures. Odessa is based on Odessa Cross from Barnacle Bay.

Odessa and Ty would like to have children very soon, but for now they have their two beautiful German Shepherds Miro and Petra. Both are playful, loyal, and very well-behaved, although they can be aloof around strangers and younger dogs. All credit for these gorgeous dogs goes to LittleV, who kindly gave me permission to include her pets with my households. I just gave them names and traits, and added them to the household.  

This is how Ty and Odessa’s house currently looks in my game. It wasn’t until quite a while after I had uploaded it that I realized I needed to change the roof colour in order for it to blend in better with the buildings in this area.

However, the version I have uploaded has a brown roof and the stonework on the chimney has a slightly pinker undertones. The following pictures are all of the uploaded version. The house is called ‘The Keystone’.

Because Ty is eco-friendly, he and Odessa have bikes instead of a car. The orange one is Ty’s and the pink one is Odessa’s.

The rocking chairs in front of the house are ideally positions for watching the sunrise.

Garden. The fence prevents the outdoor seating area from being visible from the neighbours’ house without blocking the sea view.

Ingredients for the family’s favourite meals.

Large family room, with living, dining, and kitchen areas. Food shown on the dining table is not included.

A room just for the dogs.

Guest bedroom. There is no en suite, but the downstairs bathroom is immediately across the hall.

Downstairs bathroom.

Odessa’s art studio is over two levels.

Master bedroom

This room has an impressive vaulted ceiling.

Bedroom for a future child.

Teen bedroom – also one for the future.

Basement Floor Plan  Ground Floor Plan  First Floor Plan





The household I have uploaded includes the dogs (thanks again to LittleV for letting me do this!), but if you would just like CAS versions, you can get them here:

German Shepherd Improved 2.0 – Blanket (Miro)   German Shepherd Improved 2.0 – Panda (Petra)

2 thoughts on “The Hernandez-Cross Household

  1. I remember when you where building this… I still love it, and your teen room inspired me for how Louisas teen room will look.

    can sims sleep in beds with the pillows on?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thanks so much. I remember very fondly all the supportive posts you wrote while I was building it.
      Yes, they can sleep in the beds. There are no routing problems, but there are big clipping issues, so it really comes down to whether you care more about how beds look during the day (pretty pillows!) or the night (ugly clipping!). I opted for day, but if people who’ve downloaded the load make a different choice, they can always delete them xxx


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