The Kramer-Rhodes Household

Morgana‘s parents Gareth and Meadow Kramer-Rhodes run a shelter for stray animals in their home at 27 Old Fisherman’s Pass. After many years of faithful service as town mayor, Gareth is ready to enjoy his retirement from political life. When he’s not looking after the abandoned animals he has taken in, he likes to ride his champion racehorse Whiskey, go cycling with his neighbour Ty, and cook up homemade preserves for his family to enjoy. If only his eldest daughter would visit more often, Gareth’s life would be perfect.


Gareth’s wife Meadow continues to support the family and their animal shelter through her gardening business. Meadow has always loved plants. As a child, she used to spend hours each day alone in the garden talking to them, which worried her dad but made her green-thumbed mum chuckle. When she reflects upon her life, Meadow feels very lucky to have been able to make a living out of something she loves so much. In the evenings, Meadow likes to play the piano or guitar, or relax with a book in her study. Meadow is based on Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes from Riverview.

Gareth and Meadow’s daughter Alison has a sweet temperament and big, trusting eyes. Liker her sister Morgana, she has inherited her grandma’s dark brown hair.

Whiskey, Selwin, Sarah, and Truman are Gareth and Meadow’s beloved pets. Whiskey has been with Gareth for several years, and together they have won many equestrian competitions, but the puppies are more recent additions to the family and the first beneficiaries of the shelter. All credit for these beautiful pets goes to LittleV, who kindly gave me permission to include her pets with my households. I just gave them names and traits, and added them to the household.  

Here is the family home, Safe Haven.

Back patio


Dining room

Sitting room


Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Alison’s bedroom. There is a crib on the other side.

Upstairs landing

Meadow’s study, upstairs in the carriage house

Ground Floor Plan   First Floor Plan


I have used some custom sliders for Meadow and Alison, but they will not transfer into your game and the differences if you do not have them installed will be small. Here’s what I’ve used:

Body   Eye Length, Stretch, and Width   Chin Width





The household I have uploaded includes the dogs and horse (thanks again to LittleV for letting me do this!), but if you would just like CAS versions of Selwin or Sarah here are the links:

Improved Puppies – Pitbull (Selwin)   Improved Puppies – Collie (Sarah)

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