The Fleet-McDermott Family

Travis‘ elder brother Maximus makes his living as a fisherman. He enjoys his work, and adores his wife Fiona and their daughter Alannah. But he has been through a lot of tragedy to get where he is today. Maximus was married once before, but his husband Ramon was taken from him by a freak meteor shower, leaving Maximus to raise their two sons, Korey and Alasdair (with a good deal of help from their granddad). Maximus’ heart was broken, but time, and the strength his boys and father gave him, helped heal the wound. Years have passed since then: Korey and Alasdair have grown into men;  Maximus is now approaching his elder years, has seen his fishing business flourish, and has found new love with Fiona. He will always treasure Ramon’s memory, but also feels lucky to have been given a second chance at growing old with someone. Maximus is based on Maximus McDermott from Riverview.


Fiona moved from Bridegport to Barnacle Bay to find a quiet place to pursue her writing career. All her hard work has paid off and now she’s a prize winning children’s author and illustrator. When she’s not writing or drawing, Fiona likes to play the guitar, help Maximus in the garden, and cook for the family. Fiona is based on Fiona Fleet from Barnacle Bay.

Alannah is constantly amazed by the beauty of the world around her. She loves to spend time outdoors fishing with her dad and uncle.

In my game, Maximus, Fiona, and Alannah live in a beautiful home built by WrathofCath called Driftwood, which I’ve placed at 434 Tidal Terrace. Here’s how it looks in my game.

I have used these custom sliders for the sims in this household, but they will not transfer into your game and the differences if you do not have them installed will be quite small:

Body   Eye Length, Stretch, and Width   Chin Width


4 thoughts on “The Fleet-McDermott Family

  1. Hi Greencats, this is so much fun! Your families and homes are so lovely! I plan to keep up on ;your blog and am already headed to read about the second family with UNICORNS! They are beautiful….. 😀

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