The Lobos-McDermott Household

Maximus and Travis‘ mum Ginny passed away years ago. Their dad Luke now lives with his second wife Sabina and their two children. He used to work full time as a farmer, but now has effectively retired, keeping only a small kitchen garden in which he grows ingredients for the family’s favourite meals. He doesn’t like art or fancy furniture, and prefers to keep a simple, though perfectly well-ordered, home. Nothing is more important to Luke than his family, but he’s finding this second round of parenthood more trying than the first, as he struggles to understand his daughter’s avant-garde pursuits and to justify his love of Tri-Tip steak to his vegetarian son. Still, the whole family loves to spend time outdoors, so they are usually able to bond with one another over a morning tending the garden or a quiet afternoon on the porch. Luke is based on Luke McDermott from Riverview. 

Sabina and Luke share a love of family,  adrenaline rushes, and the great outdoors. She was once a key player in Frank and Rhoda Bagley-Hernandez‘s evil empire, but gave that all up for the safety of her family the day she became pregnant with her eldest child. Now she lives a peaceful life with Luke and the kids, working as a professional author, going for long walks in the fields, and helping her husband with the garden. But after so many years, is this idyllic existence really enough to keep Sabina entertained?

Luke and Sabina’s daughter Griselda is a talented young woman, with interests in street art, photography, writing, painting, gardening, and chess. She is shy around strangers but, after her initial discomfort, quick to make friends.

Griselda’s little brother Oscar loves spending time outdoors, particularly if sports are involved. He is a strict vegetarian and can’t wait until he is old enough to help out with the garden.

The family home is Hillview House, located at 441 Tidal Terrace, right next door to Travis and his family. Despite Luke and Sabina’s wealth, the house is modestly sized, unpretentiously decorated, and topped by a simple dutch gable roof with dormers. Nonetheless, with its wrap around porch, large windows, and carefully planned layout, it does take full advantage of the site’s natural beauty, providing lovely views of the sparkling sea, rolling hills, and setting sun.


North-East side of the porch, with a dominoes table and easel, and a sea view.

This large outdoor dining area is the family’s favourite part of their home. It provides stunning views of the sea and fields, and is sheltered from the rain by the porch roof.

An early breakfast. (Waffles and lavender are not included.)

The table laid for dinner. (Food and glasses are not included.)

The front door opens immediately onto the living room, intended mainly as an informal reception space.

Kitchen and computer desk. The photograph on the left is of Luke with his children (Maximus, Travis, Griselda, and Oscar) and the one on the right is of his five grandchildren (Korey, Alasdair, Alannah, Braden, and Finola) and two great-grandchildren (Richard and Bryan).

Alternative dining space for use during extreme weather. The door on the left leads out onto the porch and the one on the right leads down into the back garden.

Dining area at sunset.

Back garden, where a few perfect-quality harvestables are grown.

Luke and Sabina’s bedroom.

The master bedroom has its own bathroom and walk-in closet. The bathroom extends out onto a small, fenced patio, with a hot tub for Luke and Sabina. In my game, I have locked the door between the living room and master suite to allow only them through, to prevent the children or any guests from entering their private space.

The upstairs bedrooms have high, slanted ceilings.

Oscar’s bedroom. (There is not enough space for him to play with toys from his toy-box here, but he would prefer to do that outside anyway. If you would like to make more room, I suggest deleting the activity table.)

Griselda’s bedroom.

And one last sunset picture.

Ground Floor Plan     First Floor Plan


I have used these custom sliders for the sims in this household, but they will not transfer into your game and the differences if you do not have them installed will be quite small:

Body   Eye Length, Stretch, and Width   Chin Width




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