Farmers’ Market

This country market, located at 432 Tidal Terrace, specializes in fresh fruit and veg, nectar, meat, fish, dairy, baked goods, tea and coffee. For sims who prefer to get their hands dirty, there’s also a pick-your-own area at the back of the lot. Everything is perfect quality.

With the exception of the bakery, nectar, and coffee stands, the registers and produce displays are all decorative. However, if you look in the World Adventures chests located beside most of the stands, you will find perfect quality produce ready for your sims to take home – including items such as tofu and links that are not normally available in the higher qualities. Simply open the chest and click on the stack of produce you want to add to your sim’s inventory. I would avoid using the ‘take all’ option, because some of the chests have a huge amount of stuff in them, and having all those objects in your sim’s inventory may significantly slow down your game.

Fruit and vegetable stands.

Nectar and exotic grapes stand. This one is a little different. You can buy nectar either from the cash register when it is attended or directly from the racks. Prices range from under 100 simoleons to several thousand simoleons per bottle. There are also some extra bottles in the World Adventures chest (where you’ll also find the World Adventures grapes). Thanks to samiam662 for her recipes and names.

Bakery and coffee bar. The Cupcake Mod (requires the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery set to be installed) will allow you to restock the shelves. If you prefer to stay mod-free you could add the Baker’s Station to the build.

Fishmonger and butcher. The pictures of the butcher’s stand are slightly out of date, as the jams shown on top of it were acting weird so I replaced them with some toy sheep. Silly and slightly morbid, I know, but I didn’t want the messed up jams in my game and I needed to replace them with something to stop the Cupcake Mod from automatically putting cakes there.

General grocery stand for dairy products, tofu, and nuts.

The picnic area provides lovely views of the sun rising and setting over the ocean.

Pick-your-own area. There are no valerian, wolfsbane, fantasy mushrooms, or deathflower plants, but everything else should be accounted for.

This is how the lot looks during the brief ‘construction’ period between seasons.

The market in springtime. Pick wildflowers, hunt for seeds, and enjoy seasonal refreshments.

The market in summertime. Play soccer, enter a hot-dog eating contest, and grab something from the concessions stand.

The market in the fall. Bob for apples, enjoy a piece of pie, and keep warm by the bonfire (my little tribute to the English Guy Fawkes Day, which is celebrated on November 5th).

The market in the snow! Ice skating is also available.


Please be aware the relatively small file size is deceptive. I have placed many individual fruits, vegetables, and meats, and the game treats these as individual objects, which means that the build may take a long time – perhaps upwards of 10 minutes – to place, and that simmers with lower end systems may experience a performance hit while exploring it.


4 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market

  1. Aw man, your BB commercial builds are a godsend, but it seems as if you require ITF for each and every one 😦 If I install them anyway without it, will I miss out on any significant chunks of your lots besides the mannequins and NPC waiters? I really want to use your lots, but I’m not planning on installing ITF anytime soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there! So glad you like the builds 🙂 Yeah, sorry, I dont have much self control when it comes to using all my content. I can’t remember exactly what I’ve used in every build, but I don’t think any of my community lots rely heavily for their architectural features on ITF content (though some of my residential ones do). Off the top of my head, the only things in community lots I can think you should watch out for, beyond what you already mentioned, are the lights in Deep Blue Sea, which look like they’re from ITF, so the lighting settings would probably have to be redone. The rest I think is just decor.

      Good luck, and do let me know if anything shows up looking really weird in your game!


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