The Kaimana Household

After years of running a successful medieval-themed resort in Dragon Valley, Isla Paradiso-born Mahina and Kamani began to miss the sandy beaches and laid-back coastal vibe they’d loved as kids. But, rather than return to their original town, they decided to try somewhere new. When Kamani’s little sister Kina called to tell him all about the wonderful time she was having in her new home of Barnacle Bay, they knew they’d found the place.

Mahina couldn’t be happier. She loves spending time outdoors, harvesting tasty produce from the community garden right next to their new home, swimming in the sea, and meeting new people. The sale of the resort brought in a tidy sum, and money’s certainly not tight, but Mahina still likes to keep herself busy by painting and selling her creations to local galleries.

Kamani’s also having a great time. The food at the Dragon Valley resort had become world-renowned thanks to his culinary expertise, and he had no trouble landing the top position at one of Barnacle Bay’s five-star restaurants. In his spare time, he likes to go for walks with his family or head down to the local art center to work on his sculpting.

Mahina and Kamani’s son Akoni is very excited about his new home too. He saw a boat out on the sea one day and has decided he wants to be a sailor when he grows up.

Shortly after the move, the family has adopted a beautiful golden retriever called Nani. Kamani always wanted a dog, but his seven day work week in at the resort Dragon Valley meant he never had the time before. Nani is playful, loyal, and well-behaved. She enjoys swimming and hunting. All credit for Nani’s appearance goes to LittleV, who kindly gave me permission to include her pets with my households.  Here is the link to the original dog of hers I used if you don’t plan to download this family but would still like a CAS version of her.  

Mahina, Kamani, Akoni, and Nani live at 436 Tidal Terrace in a house called Tidal Retreat.


The kitchen has big windows that allow Kamani  to enjoy a lovely sea view while he’s cooking.

Dining area.

Sitting room and adjoining patio.

Overview of the ground floor.

The master bedroom is located upstairs on the first floor. It has a little balcony with a view of the sea.

On either side of the master bedroom, you’ll find its en suite bathroom and Akoni’s nursery.  The nursery is uncluttered because toddlers tend to need a lot of floor space. There is room to teach walking and talking and to play with toys from the chest, but you may have to direct him manually to the middle of the room first or sometimes he’ll try to go downstairs.

The garage has been converted into a multi-purpose space, featuring a painting area and plant room for Mahina, a place for Nani’s food bowl and toys, an additional bathroom, and a single bedroom for Akoni to use when he grows up into a child.

Painting area.

Akoni’s future bedroom.

What really sold the family on the house was the relaxing outdoor pool area connecting the main house to the converted garage. Mahina and Nani both love to swim in the pool, and the view from the loungers is really wonderful, particularly at sunrise.



6 thoughts on “The Kaimana Household

  1. Another winner! Love the back stories that you create along with the actual family members. I plan to download at the minimum the family plus doggy and will put the house on my favourites list. Until I finally get around to figuring out how to backup all my files I’m thinking it’s best that I don’t get carried away with downloads just yet. It’s going to be such fun to play with this family, thanks!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for all your support! I’m so glad you like the house and family. For the back stories I just take what the game gives me 🙂 I originally created Mahina and Kamani for a contest a couple of years ago where we had to design a resort for them, and my resort was for Dragon Valley, so that’s really where they were in my game!

      Good luck backing up your files. I’m not sure what you need to figure it out, but if it’s which folders to back up, here are the ones of which it could be worth keeping copies.
      DCBackup – contains a file called ccmerged.pacakge that you need for your premium content
      DCCache – your store content and any third-party CC installed as simpacks (you don’t need the .tmp files though – those are duplicates)
      Installed Worlds – additional files for store worlds and third-party worlds
      Library – your library aka house and family bin
      Mods (if you put any in there and don’t want to re-download them)
      SavedSims – your CAS bin
      Saves – your save files


  2. Another gorgeous family and home. The house decor is perfect for a seaside community. I can already tell that Akani is going to be a cutie when he grows up. Then again, I’d expect no less with his genes. Nani is one adorable dog, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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