Tidal Retreat

This compact home, shown at 436 Tidal Terrace, is currently set up for a couple, a child, an infant/toddler, and a dog. In the main house you’ll find a kitchen/diner, separate sitting room, double bedroom, small nursery, and two bathrooms. The garage has been converted into a series of small rooms, now featuring a painting area, small plant (for six plants), child’s bedroom, and further bathroom. The kitchen, pool area, living room patio, and small master bedroom balcony all command stunning ocean views.


If you would prefer more bedrooms, there is an older version of this house here, called ‘Magnolia House’, with one double, one twin (but with space for a double), one single, and one nursery (with two cribs).

6 thoughts on “Tidal Retreat

  1. Another winner! Love the back stories that you create along with the actual family members. I plan to download at the minimum the family plus doggy and will put the house on my favourites list. Until I finally get around to figuring out how to backup all my files I’m thinking it’s best that I don’t get carried away with downloads just yet. It’s going to be such fun to play with this family, thanks!!

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    • Thanks for all your support! I’m so glad you like the house and family. For the back stories I just take what the game gives me 🙂 I originally created Mahina and Kamani for a contest a couple of years ago where we had to design a resort for them, and my resort was for Dragon Valley, so that’s really where they were in my game!

      Good luck backing up your files. I’m not sure what you need to figure it out, but if it’s which folders to back up, here are the ones of which it could be worth keeping copies.
      DCBackup – contains a file called ccmerged.pacakge that you need for your premium content
      DCCache – your store content and any third-party CC installed as simpacks (you don’t need the .tmp files though – those are duplicates)
      Installed Worlds – additional files for store worlds and third-party worlds
      Library – your library aka house and family bin
      Mods (if you put any in there and don’t want to re-download them)
      SavedSims – your CAS bin
      Saves – your save files


  2. Another gorgeous family and home. The house decor is perfect for a seaside community. I can already tell that Akani is going to be a cutie when he grows up. Then again, I’d expect no less with his genes. Nani is one adorable dog, too.

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