Planning the Town Center

The next area of town is the biggest and consists almost entirely of community lots. I’ll probably end up alternating between working on these and the surrounding houses just for a bit of variety. For now though, here are all the community lots I have planned for the center of town.


1. Festival Lot: season lot marker, fun family activities (no roller rink or ice skating required), showtime stage.

2. Beach: loungers, lifeguard seat, restaurant  (food register).

3. Pool: club setup with bars and dance floor; pool; loungers; showtime stage.

4. Disco Club: roller disco; restaurant (food register); bar; bowling; arcade.

5. Fusion Lounge: indoor and outdoor lounge areas with stage for instruments; restaurant (bistro from store).

6. Private Venue: function room with restaurant (bistro from store) and showtime stage; bar; nectar cellar.

7. Dance Club: downstairs lounge and bar; DJ booth, bar, and dance floor upstairs.

8. Visitors Allowed: seafood restaurant (bistro from store); bistro rabbit hole door.

9. Art Gallery: local and natural history museum

10. Gym: gym equipment; yoga studio; dojo; rock climbing; camping shop (savvy sellers rugs and ITF mannequins); coffee shop (UL coffee bar).

11. Visitors Allowed: spa equipment; pool; restaurant (bistro from store) spa rabbit hole door.

12. Coffeehouse: coffee shop (UL coffee bar); showtime stage.

13. Small Park: children’s park for parties.

14. Salon: tattoo parlor; fashion designer and consultancy; clothes shop.

15. Visitors Allowed: wedding shop.

16. Visitors Allowed: formal-wear shop; perfume and jewelry shop; magic shop (elixir register) with crystal ball room and gypsy wagon rabbit hole door.

17. Big Park: central park

18: No Visitors Allowed: empty shell with rabbit hole door for city hall, police station, and military.

19. Java Hut: coffee shop (UL coffee bar); nectar shop (nectar register); art shop.

20. Visitors Allowed: bookshop (books register) with bookshop rabbit hole door.

21. Visitors Allowed: restaurant (food register) with diner rabbit hole door.

22. Art Gallery: community art center with easels, glass-blowing, sculpting, and inventing; theater with showtime stage.

23. Visitors Allowed: performing arts center with music skill objects and dance studio; cinema screens; rabbit hole doors for film and music careers.

24. Library: town library

25. No Visitors Allowed: mostly empty shell with school rabbit hole door; a few classrooms for taking pictures.

26. Visitors Allowed: office space, including areas for architecture and game design; business rabbit hole door.

27. No Visitors Allowed: empty shell with hospital rabbit hole door.

28. Visitors Allowed: full stadium rabbit hole

8 thoughts on “Planning the Town Center

  1. I’ve been a big fan of your builds since you were on the sims 3 forums, and I’ve loved the stuff on this site since day one. I am a persistent lurker and can’t wait to see which of the planned lots you’ve been working on lately. Good luck with such a massive undertaking 🙂

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  2. Wow!! This sounds amazing! I’ve been following your BB renovation since the Sims 3 forums as well and it’s so interesting to see how well you’ve planned everything out and redone the town bit by bit.

    If you don’t mind me asking, if you’re planning to share the final product, will you be exporting your version of BB as a world or a save file?

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    • Hi Pixie! Thanks for all your support.
      I thought a lot about this but ultimately decided that preparing and play-testing a full upload would just be more work than I’m prepared to do, especially since the version I am creating for my own game relies on several mods and scripted objects (e.g. rabbit hole rugs, Ani’s bistro replacement…), and I shudder at the idea of having to compile a full list of those (in fact, some of them aren’t even publicly available any more).
      I do, however, hope that the indexes of builds and families are easy to navigate, and that people can have fun pick-n-mixing their own versions of the town.


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