The Sakharov Family

Caladia loves to spend time outdoors in the sunshine. She and husband Dmitry are having such a lovely time on vacation in their summer home in Barnacle Bay that they’re thinking about moving there for good. When Caladia ages up, her eyes may revert to the default plantsim yellow. If you’d like to take her into CAS to fix it, the RBG code for the eye colour I have given her is 41,49,41.

Dmitry Yakovlevich (Dima to his wife and friends) comes from a prestigious line of Russian nectar-makers. The family fortune, and the large sum added to it by his own nectar, have allowed him to enjoy an early retirement. Now on vacation with his family, he keeps himself busy cooking, funding various charities, and indulging in the odd glass of nectar from his substantial private collection.

Caladia and Dmitry’s son Vitya is really enjoying exploring Barnacle Bay, but he hopes the family won’t settle there for too long. As a budding painter and adventurer, he’s keen to visit as many different places as possible, to learn about their culture and architecture, commit their landscapes to canvas, and discover their hidden secrets. The RGB code for Vitya’s eye colour is 96,107,112.

Unlike her big brother, Vitya’s sister Anna is content to stay where she is, at least for now. She adores Barnacle Bay’s sandy beaches and sparkling sea, and the outdoorsy lifestyle its residents enjoy. When she is old enough, she looks forward to taking martial arts classes at the local activity center. The RGB code for Anna’s eye colour is 125,131,92.

This is the family’s summer home, located at 428 Tidal Terrace.


The back of the house boasts a patio for outdoor dining, a pool, and sea views.

A small harvestable garden allows Caladia and Dima to grow ingredients for the family’s favourite meals.

Bird’s eye view of house.

The family’s indoor living spaces are open and airy.

Please note that the lighting on the accent wall will be a uneven during the daytime, as shown here. The game handles lighting completely differently before and after 6pm, and I wasn’t able to get it to look right for both. Since in my game the sitting area gets most use in the evening, I went for the lighting and colour scheme that would look best after 6pm. If it bothers you, the castle pieces I have used  can be replaced with a regular wall, but you will lose the ‘built in’ look the fireplace has.

A guest WC is situated conveniently just next to the dining area.

The master bedroom looks out onto the back garden and pool. To prevent the children taking a shortcut through it, I recommend locking to allow Dmitry and Caladia only the door from the entrance hall to the bedroom and the two doors from the bedroom to the garden.

Overview of the ground floor.

Down in the cellar, Dmitry stores his private nectar collection, comprised of 780 bottles and worth an impressive 699,654 simoleons.

The attic has been converted into a bedroom and en suite bathroom for Vitya and Anna.



10 thoughts on “The Sakharov Family

  1. R — Another gorgeous family and impressive home! You are very talented, my dear. Dmitry is handsome, and Caladia is quite beautiful. I hope you’ll create a male plant sim someday so I can use him in my baby challenge. I’m trying to use all of the different life forms available. So, I was thrilled to get my hands on Christopher Daley-Palakiko for his alien DNA. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there! So nice to see you, and thanks very much for the lovely comment 🙂

      Ooh, I’ve never created a male plantsim from scratch. That sounds like fun! In the mean time, Dima and Caladia’s son Vitya is a plantsim if you’d like to age him up.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah … I couldn’t tell that Vitya was a plantsim, but I noticed his sister was. I may very well age him up and use him, but not just yet. I want to intersperse my supernatural kids with humans to keep things interesting. Jill’s next babies are definitely going to be supes — either Christopher’s or Jasper Mock’s (by Alitoni). That still gives you time if you feel like creating a male plantsim. I’ll be watching this space. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I guess I should have said! It sounds like your baby challenge is going well and that you’re managing to keep it interesting for yourself. All of Alitoni’s sims are gorgeous so you’ve made a great choice there 🙂

    I probably won’t be creating any original sims for a while because the list of families waiting for a space in Barnacle Bay is already immense, but I’ll file the idea away for the future!


  3. The children take after their mother! Just look at the noses! I have trouble “sculpting” the noses of children, so I notice these things! I love the kitchen/dining area in this home! I need to work on those rooms in the home I am using currently and this post has inspired me! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Michele! Yes, I think they might have her nose 🙂 The genetics of both parents should be in there somewhere though!

      Thanks so much for your kind words about the kitchen and dining areas. I’m very happy to have inspired you xx


  4. I love this family and their home, I have been following your progress from the beginning with your makeover of BB. I have downloaded every home or community bldg. you have made. for BB. I’ve gotten so much inspiration from your builds, I love your colour designs and all the little details and the fact that you take the views into count in all your builds is wonderful. Thank you GC.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, thank YOU for this generous comment. It makes me very happy that you like the creations so much! I definitely like to incorporate views into my builds – why would you have a balcony that just looks over to your neighbour’s house when it could face the sea or lovely meadow instead? 🙂


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