Bridgeport Sim Dump Part 1

I needed a little break from building so I took some Bridgeport premades into CAS. Enjoy!

Blogger and five-star chef Piper has her whole life ahead of her. Though still a young adult, she’s already reached the top of the culinary career, bought herself a beautiful apartment, and sold her first blog ‘Cooking in Bridgeport’. What challenge will Piper set herself next? Piper’s traits are Great Kisser, Brave, Party Animal, Natural Cook, Computer Whiz, Ambitious, and Pizza Appreciator (Hidden). Download her here.

Not long after her tragic death in a kitchen fire, Lotta was given a second chance at life by a good witch’s magic spell. Lotta’s traits are Charismatic, No Sense of Humour, Light Sleeper, Friendly, and Green Thumb. Download her here.

Lilly and her vampire sister Flo run a successful fashion design business in Bridgeport, and sims travel from far and wide to solicit their services. Flo’s traits are Artistic, Neat, Hopeless Romantic, Charismatic, Good Sense of Humor, and Photographer’s Eye. Lilly’s traits are Friendly, Clumsy, Excitable, Avant Garde, Flirty, and Artistic. Download them here.

Emilio has quit his 9 to 5 desk job to spend more time gardening. Will he be able to make a living doing what he loves? Emilio’s traits are Easily Impressed, Green Thumb, Nurturing, Excitable, and Good Sense of Humor. Download him here.


10 thoughts on “Bridgeport Sim Dump Part 1

  1. I love the Bridgeport premade sims, and use them to fill some of my other towns when playing. Beau Merrick and his lady roomies, Amy Bull, Ms Chique (love playing her!), Lola Belle and her crew, the Hemlocks, etc., anyway, I understand having fun redoing original sims! Yours look great, and I have added some to my sims! Thank you! =)

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    • I like the Bridgeport premades too! They all seem to have gigantic eyes for some reason, but that’s easily fixed, and they have fun traits and stories. I have some others almost done – Lola Belle, the Strikers, and few others – I just haven’t finished assigning their outfits yet. Do you have your makeovers up anywhere? I’d love to take a peak 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the sims! xx


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