High Tide

At 1455 New Barnacle Blvd., you’ll find High Tide, one of Barnacle Bay’s several internationally acclaimed seafood restaurants.

The patio affords some lovely ocean views…

…that become very romantic at sunset!

Indoor seating is also available.


Like all my uploads, the above is CC-free, but in the version for my own game I will be replacing the bistro objects with Ani’s Business As Unusual set. I would recommend doing the same if you aren’t opposed to custom scripted objects, and would like proper waiter service, children to be able to order food, and other useful tweaks. In my own game only I have also replaced the upstairs tables with Margaret Pendragon’s bistro rabbit hole replacement rug (this rug is no longer available for download).

8 thoughts on “High Tide

  1. Another great build, GC. I have already downloaded and rec’d. I will have to start on BB soon, I have downloaded all the wonderful builds you have made for BB. You have inspired me to keep practising my building skills and every new build you do I learn something new. Thank you GC 🙂

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  2. Another lovely creation, R! Are you rebuilding all the lots in Barnacle Bay? I’ve only played there once, so I don’t remember much of it. It would be awesome to have a world full of your lots and populated with your gorgeous sims. 😀

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  3. Amazingly well-designed restaurant–they are so complicated to build, but you’ve outdone yourself! Does the rabbit hole rug come with the build? Your descriptions are enjoyable to read, by the way!

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    • Thanks so much – I really appreciate this. I have always found leisure spaces like this very hard to design, so I was pleased to be able to complete it.

      No, the rabbit hole rug does not come with the restaurant, as I try to keep my uploads CC-free. It’s just something I wanted in my own game, as I don’t have many traditional rabbit holes in my BB world. The creator of the bistro rug does not currently have have her creations available publicly, but if you are looking for something similar, there is a diner replacement rug/door here: http://modthesims.info/d/435107


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