The Palakiko-Levesque Family

As a young adult, Champs Les Sims-born singer Aurèlie rocketed to fame in Starlight Shores thanks to her beautiful voice and playful, innovative musical style. Though she continues to write and perform, she is now even better for her environmental work as the spokesperson for various ecological and vegetarian causes. Never without a new goal in sight, Aurèlie still feels she has much more to give, but she now plans to do so from the relative peace and quiet of picturesque Barnacle Bay, where she and husband Antoine hope to start a family.

Antoine also works in the music industry, and has made a name for himself composing the soundtracks for several hit movies. He was born and raised in Isla Paradiso, before moving to Starlight Shores to pursue his career. Antoine has diverse interests outside of his work, including chess, inventing, mixology, and keeping fit. He has a very short temper but enjoys meeting new people and knows how to flatter his colleagues and clients.

The house Aurèlie and Antoine have chosen is a charming saltbox, located on New Barnacle Blvd., the closest thing Barnacle Bay has to a downtown. They have filled their new home with one-of-a-kind paintings and French antiques, and Aurèlie has started a vegetable patch in the back garden.

Overview of the grounds.

The front door opens onto an airy parlour, with a piano for entertaining guests and access to one of the house’s three porches. The picture to the left of the sofa is a photo from the couple’s wedding.

Aurèlie loves to cook, but for when she needs some help the dining room has a buffet table waiting.

Informal meals will usually be taken in the large country kitchen, with its central island, double stove, and eclectic decor.

Aurèlie and Antoine’s bedroom is a haven of soft fabrics and neutral tones. It has its own porch and small garden area. There is no en suite, but the downstairs bathroom is just next door.

A nursery has been made ready for the child the couple would like to have.

Layout of the ground floor.

Upstairs is much more modestly appointed. This treadmill in the gym looks out onto a sea view.

A guest bedroom is ready for visitors.

Layout of upper floor.



11 thoughts on “The Palakiko-Levesque Family

  1. Great to see a new family and home! It’s nice that Barnacle Bay is your chosen area. It’s more relaxed and with all your creations it looks amazing. Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi GC, another great build and I love the family. I’m really enjoying what you are doing with BB , I can’t wait to start putting your builds in BB and hoping to learn a lot more from your building style. 5 stars!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another beautiful, interesting couple! I love how homey your builds always look, like someone really lives there. You manage to make building look effortless and yet I know from experience that it is NOT — at least not for me. I particularly like what you’ve done with the roof line on this build. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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