Farmers’ Market Updated

For those who prefer not to have the buggy Grandma’s Canning Station jams anywhere near their game, I’ve uploaded a new version of my Farmers’ Market with the jams removed. I also added a lime tree because I realized I’d accidentally left it out the first time! The lot is otherwise unchanged. There’s no need to replace your version if you are comfortable having the jams in your game; it’s just that I, personally, am not. I took the original down from my studio about a month ago, so apologies for taking so long to get this replacement up.

4 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market Updated

    • No problem. I’m just sorry I didn’t realize sooner! I’m glad you’ve figured out the cause of your problem now though. It’s such a shame – those jams were great for decorating with – but I guess it wasn’t to be.


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