The Barnacle Club

Once a private club for the wealthy and connected, two years ago The Barnacle Club opened its doors to the wider world. From  two pm to two am each day, all visitors can enjoy live music, delicious food, and fine nectars. Sims can get table service upstairs from the It’s Business Time Industrial Oven chef, or downstairs from a Food Synthesizer waiter.

Some of my sims take in dinner a show in the Club’s decadent, cavernous cellar.

One of the Club’s two bars.

Sims can sit and share a drink in comfort.

The cellar empty after hours.

Dinner can also be served upstairs. Orders are actually taken by the Bistro chef here, but the Food Synthesizer waiter decided to bow to my sims while they were waiting for him.

Although the emphasis at the Barnacle Club is on relaxation, there is a small dance floor in the upstairs dining room for any sims who just can’t resist.

Another of the Club’s many different seating areas.

When placed at of 1451 New Barnacle Blvd., the club also boasts a beautiful sea view.

Overview of the cellar, with bar, Food Synthesizer kitchen, nectar to buy and taste, and stage.

Overview of the ground floor, with lobby area and Bistro kitchen.

Overview of the first floor, with bar, dance floor, and a few perfect-quality harvestable plants (2 flame fruit; 1 watermelon).

Overview of the second floor, with bathrooms and waiting area.

If you’re getting annoyed by slow Late Night elevators, I recommend this mod.



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