The Newfold-McDermott Family

Maximus’ son Alasdair grew up on his grandparents’ farm in Riverview, but the early mornings and  the daily company of his art-hating grandfather weren’t for him. So, as soon as he was able, he moved to Bridgeport, where he took a degree in Fine Arts, before climbing all the way to the top of the music career, breaking quite a few hearts along the way.


Jesse is the envy of every one of his husband’s dedicated fans, but he has his own set of problems with which to deal. As the head of a major game studio, and self-confessed perfectionist, he finds it difficult not to freak out on the rare occasion that things don’t go his way at work. Fortunately, his intelligence, talent, and dedication to the job keep the company running smoothly most of the time.


This is Jesse and Alasdair’s daughter Fabia. By day she’s an excitable little bundle of energy, but by night she sleeps like a rock. (Click here for CAS spoilers.)


The family lives at 1443 New Barnacle Blvd., next door to Alasdair’s friends in the music business, Aurélie and Antoine.

Dining area.

Master bedroom.


First Floor layout.

Fabia’s bedroom and en suite.

The garage has been converted into an office and gaming room for Jesse’s work.

Back garden.

Ariel view of the house.



8 thoughts on “The Newfold-McDermott Family

  1. I really love this house!!!! And the family dynamic is great. As usual I am amazed at how real you make your families and their relationships. Thanks so much for all of this!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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