At the end of Barnacle Bay’s seafront entertainment strip, sits BUMP!, a teen-orientated disco and bowling venue. The exact address is 1447 New Barnacle Blvd., and activities on offer are food, drink, ‘cosmic’ bowling, a UV-lit roller disco, and a small clothes shop.

Roller disco! Five sims can fit on the rink at once. The gobo settings will not transfer, but if you want the same as mine the pattern is a star, the speed is medium, the motion is (I will check), and the colours are random.

A drink at the bar.


This is a fun place to throw birthday parties! Just remember to bring your own cake.

Clothing store. The outfits I have created will not transfer, so you will need to assign your own. Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to upload some teen clothing recolours so you don’t have to spend forever in CASt. Also, if you aren’t opposed to mods I highly recommend replacing the EA pedestals I have used with Ani’s custom version, which is infinitely better.


4 thoughts on “Bump!

  1. Roller disco, what a great idea! plus bowling and a dress shop. It is perfect as a teen, YA hangout. This will definitely be part of my BB, that thanks to you and your talent will look really good. I don’t see these sort of homes where I live so each and everyone of them I try to learn something. Thank you so much for continuing this massive effort overhauling BB.

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