Love Nest

This cosy, contemporary 1.5 bedroom 2.5 bathroom Cape Cod home is shown at 1439 New Barnacle Blvd., the corner lot with entrances on both the boulevard and Ferry Lane. The indoor living spaces are stylish and compact, with a ’70s retro feel. In addition to the main double bedroom, there is also a small spare bedroom, which could be also be converted into a home office or child’s room.


14 thoughts on “Love Nest

  1. I love this little home, all the homes you have done for BB are different and blend so well together. I really like the way you always use the views and as usual your colour choices are wonderful. Your homes always give me some different ideas that I would love to incorporate into some of the new builds I’m trying. great work as usual GC 🙂

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  2. Love, love love this! That house is so gorgeous, I always love your dormer windows, so beautifully done! The mix of shingles, stone and wood on the outers here is lovely, the tones mix really well. The Ferry Lane side-entrance is super-cute as well, you are such a wizard with all those little details!
    I always enjoy how you tie in your sims’ favourite colours into the decor of the house too – those splashes of bright pink are gorgeous, and I can’t say enough about how lovely the fireplace/bookcase/painting arrangement is in the living room – to.die.for!

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  3. I’m running out of ways to tell you how much I love your sims and builds, R! I, too, adore the fireplace unit and all the details you painstakingly include to make a house feel like a home, both inside and out. AJ & Juliet make a lovely couple, too!

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  4. That house is really lovely, especially the garden. I love the placement of the easel in the garden. What set is the kitchen cabinets and counters from? They look really nice.

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      • Thank you so much GC, I never knew those counters looked so stylish and modern with the stone and metal textures removed from them. Will be using them a lot more often in my builds.

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