EP Legacy Gameplay 0.2

All the girls are doing very well in their careers, especially Elisa, who now takes a limo to work.

She also continues to throw very successful fundraising parties, each bringing in over 100k in campaign donations.

With all their extra cash, I allowed each of my sims a special treat. Shirin got a new study…

…Kristjana got a larger gardening patch….

…and Elisa hired a maid to help keep the house up to her high standards of cleanliness.

Christopher seems to enjoy the newly upgraded house. He never goes home or to work; he just hangs out in the girls’ kitchen dancing in his underwear.

Meanwhile, Elisa turned out to have quite a lot in common with the maid she’d hired, Grady Elfman. I like to think he handed in his notice and asked her out on a date because that sounds slightly less exploitative than ‘Elisa fired him then made out with him the kitchen’.

Things moved pretty fast between them, and very soon Elisa became the first sim in the legacy to fall pregnant. I’m playing with the chance of pregnancy set to just 5% (thanks to Woohooer), so I was surprised to see it happen so quickly.

Elisa announced the news to Grady and he was….happy…I think.

Anyway, he didn’t have any objections to moving in, and he and Elisa spent a restful weekend reading pregnancy books in bed.

Grady’s LTW is to become a spy, so sent him to join the police. Since he’ll eventually need lots of logic for this career, his next stop was the park, where he played a game of chess with  Morgana Wolff.

Also at the park that day were expectant parents Hank and Pauline. Pauline went into labour, and her fiance flapped around while she serenely drove herself to the hospital.

The night before their own baby was due, I had Elisa and Grady go to bed at 7pm, knowing this might be the last proper night’s sleep they’d get in a while. In the early hours of the morning, Elisa went into labour.

Just as the sun was rising, Elisa emerged from the hospital with a baby girl in her arms. Her name is Maria Elfman-Borges, her traits are brave and athletic, and her favourites are shawarma, lilac, and Egyptian. I would usually just randomize the traits, but since I need the next generation to take me through the first expansion pack, I thought I should make them as adept as possible at exploring tombs and fighting mummies.

4 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 0.2

  1. Shirin’s new study looks lovely, I’ve never thought to use the table from the Provence set as a computer desk, but it works really well. And that photo of Kristjana in the garden with the view in the background is absolutely gorgeous – no wonder the lot is tagged as a Beautiful Vista, simply stunning!
    I love how in the Sims you can segue so easily from the sublime to the ridiculous – the gorgeous shot of the garden with the wonderful view, to Grady’s facial reaction at Elisa’s pregnancy announcement! What a keeper, another great photo, for totally different reasons!
    I’m really enjoying reading about your Legacy, it’s a lot of fun and obviously showcases your beautiful sims as well. Little Maria looks like she’s inherited her mum’s good looks, that’s one of my favourite things about the Sims – seeing how kids age up, whose looks they inherit….and then taking them to a plastic surgeon if I’m not happy with the results!!!
    Looks like you’re having a blast playing this Legacy, so wishing you continued happy simming!

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  2. Thanks so much for this! I’m glad you like the study. I was kind of being lazy and just copied their dining table, but actually it does work quite well there. Yes, the lot has very pretty views 🙂 I would so love to live by the sea or a lake in real life!
    Haha, poor Grady. It was weird because he was actually doing the congratulations interaction, but the animation must be a bit off because he doesn’t look happy at all!
    I really love the genetics aspect of the game too, and I think it’s reasonably well handled in TS3. I’m looking forward to seeing how Maria turns out looking, especially since I’ve already decided her traits (which I’d usually have the excitement of randomizing).
    Happy Simming to you too xxx


  3. I laughed so hard when I read what you wrote about Christopher dancing in the kitchen. Too funny! Elisa, that little devil — I know she masterminded Grady’s firing so she could have at him. 😛 You go, girl.

    How is this going to work for the next generation? Will Maria automatically be the sole heir? I’m not that familiar with legacy rules and have seen different twists on them.

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  4. I’m going to have three heirs each generation to help me get the most out of each expansion pack. Ideally I’d end up using the first child of each of my founders, but I may just use the first three born in the household, regardless of their parents, depending on how long it takes for Shirin and Kristjana to get pregnant!


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