EP Legacy Gameplay 0.3

Maria’s first few days in the world flew past.

Connor stopped by to say hello.

I decided to end things between Kristjana and Christopher. They just don’t have enough in common to make it work. He didn’t take the news well.

With her newly freed up time, Kirstjana was able to pursue her own interests. She went to the graveyard to find some special seeds and planted them the garden.

Grady rolled two wishes to marry Elisa, and it didn’t seem right to stand in his way.

Maria grew up. She learned all her toddler skills, and had lots of fun with her activity table.

Kristjana got a new boyfriend, handyman Clark Sauer.

Shirin was the first in the household to reach the top of her career, fulfilling her lifetime wish.

As part of her promotion bonus, she got this wonderful fridge that gives +30 mood to any sims in its vicinity.

She also fell in love, with ambitous, family-orientated Leighton Sekemoto.

Since they’re such a good match, and Shirin is a hopeless romantic, I decided to move him in right away.

He brought his son Sam with him. Sam seemed pretty glum about the whole thing at first, but he cheered up when Shirin cooked his favourite meal, french toast.

Clark moved in too. I gave him a job in the military career. He was a bit grumpy about it. I think he just wanted to stay home and garden.

In his spare time, I let him do just that.

I had a full house by this point, so there was almost always a queue of sims waiting to play with Maria.

Leighton wished to marry Shirin, so off they went to the bistro for a romantic evening meal and badly lit proposal.

Elisa organized a birthday party for Maria. I had her invite some local children to give her daughter a head start in meeting her schoolmates.

Maria played tag with her new friend Susanne VanWatsonKoffi.

Finally everyone had the same day off work, so I had Elisa throw a wedding party at the beach. I know the wedding arches came with Generations, but I used one of the ones from the store to make myself feel less like I was cheating.

Emotions were running high among the guests.

Grady cut the cake.

There wasn’t enough for everyone, but when there’s a stereo sims never seem to care about anything else.

Everyone danced and had fun.

Even Connor!

Maria made a friend.

It was a lovely day.

One of the seeds that Kristjana found by the graveyard turned out to be a money tree.

I had Maria work out a few times. It doesn’t build her athletic skill, but the hours she’s spent doing this now will count towards the skill challenges later on.

Sam aged up and rolled the friendly trait. I used all the household savings to move him into a nice house. I hope story progression treats him well!

4 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 0.3

  1. Thanks for the entire explanation of what was happening within all the families. It was great! I am always amazed at how thoroughly you are able to think things out ahead of time (at least that’s how it seems to me). I want to know all these people and follow their lives. How exciting that would be with your direction rather than anything I might think up. The largest family unit I created was 8 people but then things went downhill! I could handle them all but their bright futures seemed elusive and none of them wanted to leave home which made things feel stagnant. Oh well I’m game to try again. Your ideas and the people you create help me to realize that some times things can work out! Thanks again so much for sharing this with all of us!!!! I don’t use any mods at this point.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I do pay attention to sims’ wishes a lot, which helps give direction to my gameplay. Eight sims is certainly a lot, especially for families just starting out, who need to focus so much on skill-, friendship-, and career-building. I try not to worry to much about babies or romances. They happen if they happen. So long as there’s at least one child to carry on the family by the time a sim dies I’m happy. Happy simming to you xxx


  2. In no particular order:

    I’m sad to see Christopher go. He was kinda cute. Love the pic of his sad face. Kristjana definitely seems to have a type because Clark reminds me of Christopher — especially those blue eyes. What luck finding a money tree seed!

    Best wishes to Elisa & Grady! And Maria is one beautiful little girl! (Takes after her mama, of course.)

    Congrats to Shirin, too! I love Leighton Sekemoto! Once you replace his horrible hair, he’s quite handsome for an EA sim. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, poor Christopher. I found him much more interesting than Clark, who is just grumpy all the time! Still, this second relationship is a better match traits-wise. They do have quite similar eyes and hair, as does Grady. It seems to be quite a popular combination in SV.

      Liked by 1 person

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