EP Legacy Gameplay 0.5

Maria shared her first kiss with her new boyfriend Lance Morris.

Lance is actually the little boy to who was born in Part 0.1, when his mum went into labour in the library and Shirin had to rush her to hospital. What’s more, when I checked his family tree, guess who turned out to be his dad? Kristjana’s ex-boyfriend Christopher Steel!

Kaveh had a birthday party.

Elisa and Shirin both became pregnant around the same time. They had lots of fun talking to one another’s tummies.

Elisa was the first to give birth, to a baby girl I named Breda. She rolled the loner and athletic traits.

Not long after Breda’s birth, her dad aged up into an elder. His friend Beau Andrews made fun of him, but Grady still looked fairly happy.

Elisa’s feelings for him certainly hadn’t changed.

At Grady’s birthday party, Leighton caught up with Sam.

Shirin rolled a wish to cook Grady’s favourite meal, I suppose as a special birthday treat, which I thought was quite cute.

Our old friend Christopher made an appearance, along with his crazy dance moves (and crazy eyes).

Everyone had a nice time.

Kristjana and Clark retired to their bedroom early. She wanted to woohoo, but he very much did not. I’m not sure why the rejection animation has to be so intense.

The next morning I sent them out to spend some time together. I was slightly discouraged when they left the cinema by different exits.

Next I tried a meal for two at the bistro.

I gave up when I saw this. Whatever works for them, I guess.

Meanwhile, I sent Maria to buy a handiness book from the store.

Lance wandered over and sat down next to her. But when she put down her book to chat to him, I realized there’s no cuddle interaction for seated teens. How disappointing! And why didn’t I notice that before?

Susanne and another teenager (Jennifer, who is Clare Ursine and Jared Frio‘s daughter) also turned out to be on the same lot, so I sent them all across the road for some food.

As the sun went down, Kristjana got up from the table to celebrate her birthday. The contrast between her and Clark’s facial expressions made me laugh.

Clark did eventually join in celebrating with her. Perhaps he likes her more now she’s hit middle age, because a bit later I found them autonomously making out.

The day’s events were not quite over. Later that evening Shirin gave birth to her second son, Hibiki. He rolled the heavy sleeper and artistic traits. She also aged up into an adult, which she’d been ready to do since the beginning of her pregnancy.

Unfortunately Maria and Lance’s relationship couldn’t last long. He became a young adult while she still had most of her teen life stage ahead of her. The breakup animation seems kind of mean to me, but there was no option for a more amicable split. (I’m done complaining about the available interactions and animations now, I promise, at least for this part!)

I had them patch things up as best they could, and Lance stuck around for her little brother and sister’s birthday party. I gave Naoise the disciplined trait and his sister the snob trait.

I quickly deleted the birthday cakes (because why would any of my sims eat normal quality food when they live with a world-renowned chef?) and in their place served up spaghetti, french toast, and stu surprise.

After dinner, Ursula LangerakAlvi told a ghost story.

It was a bit too scary for Maria!

Sara was keen to make new friends, while Naoise preferred to go back to the nursery and play.

I did force him to introduce himself to Marlin Wan. They share the disciplined trait, so I thought they might get on well. They ended up holding royal court together.

15 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 0.5

    • Thanks – and to you! Yes, I’m playing on the normal lifespan for this and currently only showcasing the base game (EPs to be covered by later generations), so it’s fairly fast. It’s not a story, just some pictures from my game 🙂


    • Thanks, Ciane! Great to see you 🙂 Haha, yes, it’s a lot – a few more than I’d like, actually. Elisa just kept getting pregnant! I’m looking forward to the next generation, when I’ll be focusing on World Adventures, so will mostly be controlling one at a time.


  1. Lots of fun! So many people I can’t keep them all straight and was glad to hear that you are only showcasing the base game because I wasn’t sure how you could have fun with everything seeming to happen so quickly! Again the pictures are great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have a knack for making it feel like a story, your descriptions fit the pictures so well. Life does go quickly on the normal life span but it’s fun to follow this way. It’s a good break from building, I’m looking forward to the next instalment. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Its really fun watching the progress of your story and I am looking forward to seeing more of your story and your beautiful Sims and wonderful builds! 😀 I tested having two seated teens cuddle with a couple of my teenage Sims and they were able to cuddle. Were your sims not very close yet when you tried to have them cuddle?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for this! That’s really interesting. I wonder what was going on with mine. Yes, their relationship was quite high (high enough to kiss anyway) and they were boyfriend and girlfriend. I’ll have to do some further tests and get back to you.


  4. Sim facial expressions are hilarious: little cross-eyed Kaveh in his birthday photo, Maria’s scared ghost story face, and the contrast between Kristjana and Clark’s expressions when she ages up – I love it when get moments like that in my game, although I usually just giggle and they pass by, you manage to capture them in beautiful photos!
    I’m going to echo TigerTora as well – I’ve definitely had a couple of teens cuddling on a sofa in my game a few weeks ago, perhaps it’s the park bench object that doesn’t allow teen cuddles?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, glad you enjoyed them. Poor Clark and Kristjana: she is SO happy all the time, and he always looks miserable! Thanks to you also for the teen info. I’ll have to investigate what went wrong for me.


      • So I finally remembered to test out the cuddling with another teen couple, and it really doesn’t seem to be possible, at least not for me. I tried a variety of sofas – both 2 & 3 seaters – and there were no seated cuddling or kissing options, just talking ones. Perhaps something is wrong with my game? Or perhaps this got patched out? The couple were teens, had 100% relationship and were boyfriend and girlfriend. Very weird!


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