The Penapen-Caliente Family

Nina enrolled in the professional sports career straight out of high school, but soon discovered how ill-suited her shy, serious disposition made her for a life in the spotlight. So, she decided to trade in her envied position as league MVP for a gym in the basement of her Barnacle Bay home and a personal trainer’s starting salary. She feels relieved to be able to escape the noisy stadium, and instead spend time one-on-one with clients, helping them get their lives in order and achieve their health and fitness goals. She also looks forward to spending more time with the people who matter most to her in her life, her husband Paolo, daughter Itria, and of course her sister Dina. Nina is based on Nina Caliente from Pleasantview.   

Nina’s husband Paolo spent his teenage years in Sunlit Tides, working a social services job to help him pay his way through college, and fulfill his dream of achieving the perfect GPA as Sims University. Having earned his 4.0 in just two terms, he joined the business career, and hopes to become a power broker one day. Like his wife, Paolo is flirtatious, athletic, and tends to take himself rather seriously. He loves Nina’s daughter Itria as if she were his own, and would like one day soon to give her a little half-sister or -brother. Paolo is based on Paolo Penanpen from Sunlit Tides. 

Before she met Paolo, a short-lived relationship with  genie lifeguard Tomas left Nina pregnant with a magical baby girl. Just like her father, Itria loves spending time in the water. She wants to be a deep sea diver when she grows up.

Nina, Paolo, and Itria live at 30 Ferry Lane, in a vibrant home with beautiful sea views, and interiors inspired by Nina’s Mediterranean heritage.

The garden is divided into two levels: on the lower, a small pool; on the upper, a perfectly mowed lawn, which Nina and Paolo like to use for sparring, sunbathing, and watching the stars together.

The house’s side entrance leads straight into a small gym, where Nina can relax in the sauna, train clients, or work out.

The main house is comprised of a family room with living and dining areas, a galley kitchen, a master bedroom and en suite, a separate WC, a terrace for outdoor grilling and dining, and, upstairs, a further bedroom and half bathroom.



The version of Nina included in this household is unemployed. If you would like to set her up as a personal trainer, as I have done in my own game, you’ll need to install Nraas Careers base and self-employed modules, and send her to city hall to enroll in the athletic self-employed career. She can then invite her friends over and train them on the treadmill or chin-up bar in exchange for simoleons. She can also train them on the martial arts dummy if you want her to, but she won’t get paid for that. The salary is not great for the first few levels, but it can still be quite fun. 

11 thoughts on “The Penapen-Caliente Family

  1. What a gorgeous family! And their house is super. I’m going to add these to my favourites and when I can afford an additional hard drive I’ll download them all including the house!! Thanks for this, again such a creative idea for the family.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another wonderful family and build GC!. I really like Nina’s little gym. Your version of Nina reminds me of a younger version of my of my favorite sims Linda. She is a tanned redhead with green eyes and has the same hair style. The landscaping is amazing I love how part of the house is built into a hill with stairs going through it. That is a really nice touch. The view from the outdoor kitchen is just amazing if I lived there id probably spend most of my time outside. As always I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks very much 🙂 Landscaping is always hard for me, so your kind words mean so much. Haha, yes the view is lovely – I want to live there and just stare out at the sea all day!

      Sorry about the no editing thing. If I knew how to change that I would. Apparently I can edit or delete your comments if you ever need me to for whatever reason, like you accidentally wrote your home address in or something!


  3. More gorgeousness as always! Nina is beautiful, her eyes are totally spellbinding and go perfectly with her red hair. I’m actually playing in Sunlit Tides just now and your version of Paulo is significantly prettier than the EA one! His hair and stubble suit him so well!
    The house is lovely as well, the side-entrance to the gym is smart and practical, the split level garden is amazing, and the roof terrace is spectacular – imagine barbecuing with that view!
    I sometimes struggle to find the superlatives to describe your Sims and builds, another tough ask here!

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a lovely comment – thanks so much for your support. Yes, I wanted to make sure I captured Nina’s signature red hair and green eyes 🙂
      I’m so glad you like the house. Oh, and I completely agree about the setting – it’s definitely one of the nicest locations in Barnacle Bay, with sea views in three directions from that terrace. I actually changed everyone’s favourite foods to things that could be cooked on the grill so that they (and I) could spend more time out there 😆


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