EP Legacy Gameplay 0.6

Story progression notified me that Sam’s girlfriend had given birth to a little girl. Leighton and Shirin went to introduce themselves to mother and baby.

Back at home, the nursery was full of little ones – Shirin and Leighton’s sons Kaveh and Hibiki, and Elisa and Grady’s daughter Breda. As usual, everyone helped to look after their needs and teach them skills.

Life for the older sims in the household rolled on. Clark completed his perfect garden lifetime wish, Sara made a new friend for a school opportunity, Shirin unlocked the ability to write masterpiece novels, Elisa became the last of my founders to reach the top of her career, Maria glitched out and took to sleeping standing up, and I totally forgot about that teen cuddling thing I was meant to be testing (next time, I promise!).

Elisa threw a very successful campaign fundraiser, at which both she and Kaveh aged up.

Grady reached the top of his career, fulfilling his lifetime wish of becoming an international super spy. Since this generation of the legacy was drawing to a close, I decided to have him retire and spend more time with his family.

I had him use some of his newly freed up time to make spaghetti for the family. It was the first meal he’d ever cooked, but it somehow came out perfect quality.

While the others ate, in the next room Kristjana realized she was experiencing a first of her own – her first pregnancy!

She announced the news to Clark, and for once he actually looked happy. I’m pretty sure this was the only time I’d ever seen him smile.

That night, he stayed up late reading both pregnancy books, and rolling all kinds of baby-related wishes.

He also had a wish to marry Kristjana, which I fulfilled in a private ceremony next to the garden they had planted together.

As the weekend approached, I realized that all four of Elisa and Grady’s children’s birthdays were all due to fall within a day of one another. Since a big birthday party seemed like a nice way to end this generation, I set up a table in the back garden to hold all the cakes.

Plenty of familiar faces appeared at the party. Sam spent some time playing with his little brother, while Hank flirted shamelessly with Bebe Hart right in front of his fiance (and mother of his five children) Pauline.

Christopher’s attentions to Shirin were equally inappropriate and much less warmly received.

All the birthday sims aged up. First Breda…

…then Naoise…

…then Sara…

…and finally Maria.

Maria’s entry into young adulthood marked the start of the second generation. Next time, we’ll begin following the Maria, Naoise, and Sara as they explore some of the content from World Adventures. Happy Simming!

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 0.6

  1. I haven’t used the world adventures pack yet so am looking forward to seeing it all unfold! The children aged up so wonderfully, what a great looking family. I’m so far behind in trying probably 50% of all the worlds and expansion packs and store worlds yet. Health issues have prevented this but will keep working towards expanding my fun! Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I haven’t used mods yet but am tempted when I see how much more fun is possible…thanks again! 🙂

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    • I’m very sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope that you are able to live as comfortable and fulfilling life as possible – and of course to experience all of that fun sims content that’s waiting for you!
      I feel like I’m reallly behind on trying out a lot of the words too. There are so many I haven’t played in, and so many gameplay possibilities I have yet to explore. That’s kind of why I wanted to this EP-by-EP legacy, to play through as much as I could in the order it was created.
      Mods can certainly be a lot of fun 🙂 Story Progression, Tempest, and Traveller in particular have been huge game-changers for me.


  2. So lovely to see how your Sims have grown – the kids growing up, and the founders growing old! Gorgeous pictures as always.
    I’m excited to see the next generation and how you explore the World Adventures EP, it was one of the last EPs I bought, and I’ve not spent a whole lot of time playing in those three worlds. I tend to just have my Sims visit if I want them to learn martial arts or photography, or pick up the special harvestables. It’ll be really interesting to see it from your perspective, and hopefully pick up some tips!

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  3. Thank you! I am excited too. I am very familiar with the WA worlds, although I usually play them with weather, resorts, clubs, and all kinds of other additions, so it will be very interesting to do a more traditional play-through this time, focused on tomb exploration. Let’s hope the puzzles aren’t too hard for me! 😆


  4. Nice wrap-up for this EP. Birthdays and the aging-up process in general are so time consuming. I love to see how each sim looks at the different age stages, but I have to spend way too much time in CAS with 7 kids in the household at any given time. How many did you end up with in this one (if you remember)?

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    • Thank you! I feel like I probably let this generation drag on a bit too long, but I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

      Oh wow, yes, you must have to spend so much time in CAS!

      While we were in this house, Maria had four and Shirin had two. Kristjana was just pregnant with her first at the end of this part, and I I believe they went on to have one more each after that.

      I try to dress them in outfits from whatever EP I’m covering, so that makes deciding a bit easier for me xx

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  5. I am enjoying the legacy so far, even if that was a pretty large cast of characters to keep straight. I appreciate that WA starts with a smaller household. I’m glad things worked out for Kristjana in the end, she’s had much better luck romance via with story progression in my game.

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    • I’m pleased you’re enjoying it 🙂
      Yes, paying proper attention to all the different sims is something I’ve struggled with in this legacy and my Skills one. Both are quite rigid, with traits all decided/rolled in advance, so when I let me sims have extra kids I don’t have anything for them to do. I’m finding my Moonlight Falls save much better in this regard, because everything is so open that I can give everyone their own thing.
      Glad Kristjana is doing well in your game!

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