The Johnkins-Caliente Family

Nina‘s twin sister Dina lives just across the road at 29 Ferry Lane. Despite their almost identical looks, the girls couldn’t be more different: unlike her shy, romantic sister, Dina is outgoing, goal-orientated, and pragmatic. Whereas Nina has chosen the quiet life of a self-employed personal trainer, Dina has schmoozed her way into the upper echelons of political office, and, as the next objective she sets herself, is thinking of using her wealth, charisma, and connections to make an even greater fortune for herself in the real estate business. No challenge is too tough for this ambitious young sim, except perhaps helping out with the housework – but luckily she has a butler to take care of that. Dina is based on Dina Caliente from Pleasantview. 

Dina’s husband Lee-Roy made a name while studying for his Technology degree at Sims University by setting up, developing, and selling a series of five-star technology and lifestyle blogs. His success earned him a position at The Simming Times, where he now works as lead reporter. Lee-Roy is based on Lee-Roy Johnkins from Barnacle Bay. 

Lee-Roy’s alien son Dromiro is a budding inventor, with a real gift for creating unusual toys. He also loves spending time outdoors, fishing, bug hunting, or playing tag with his best friend and step-cousin Itria.

This is their Ferry Lane home.

The first floor is primarily given over to various entertainment and reception spaces, but the butler’s bedroom and shower room are also here.

The stairs are decorated with family photos. Here you see: a younger Dromiro with his dad; Dina and Nina; Dromiro and Itria; and Dina and Nina as toddlers.

Upstairs you’ll find a WC, shower room, master bedroom, en suite master bathroom, and spare bedroom, where Dina likes to watch TV when she’s feeling lazy.

There is a crib in the master bedroom in case Dina and Lee-Roy decide to have baby.

Dromiro’s bedroom, bathroom, and workshop are downstairs. There is a spare bed for when he has a friend to stay.



12 thoughts on “The Johnkins-Caliente Family

  1. So glad that you created a story of Nina’s sister Dina! And for sure they are really different. I was excited to see Dromiro…an alien child! Must be a story behind that. Did I miss it? Your characters are soo real and they have such interesting careers, many more than in the Sims3 selections. When downloading the family are there substitutions for their careers? Thanks so much for these glimpses into their lives!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind comment! 🙂
      Ah yes, the alien child. That was kind of an accident, lol. There’s no ‘in universe’ story behind it really because I find the whole mysterious impregnation thing just a bit creepy and violating and I really prefer not to think too much about what’s going on there, but I love aliens so I almost always want the father to keep the kid.
      My sims should always be in the careers mentioned in their bios, unless I’ve noted otherwise. For example, Dina’s sister Nina is a personal trainer in my game (Nraas Careers Self-Employed mod), but the version I uploaded is unemployed, and there’s a bit of text below the download link to her household explaining that. There’s nothing complicated like that with this household though: Dina is in the politics career track (base game) and the real estate thing is a reference to the ability to become a partner in or buy out venues and rabbit holes (base game I think, but became more detailed with Ambitions); Lee-Roy used just to make money from his blogs (University Life) but now works in the journalism career track (base game).
      Thanks again and happy simming xx


  2. As usual another wonderful build and family. I really like how you designed the mantle of the first fireplace with that bottle shelf as decor. 🙂 That is a nice shade of purple you used for the alien kid. Looks good with his hair color.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there 🙂 So nice to hear from you, and thanks for another kind comment!
      Glad you like the skin tone – he got that slightly grubby-looking green skin at first, and I don’t like that so I changed it to match his favourite colour.
      I’m pleased with how the fireplace turned out, so it’s really nice for me to hear you like it too. I was worried there would be routing issues but there aren’t. Yay!


  3. Simply stunning! Everything is gorgeous, as usual! I’m particularly loving the colour scheme for the interior decor – the pale wood, lots of white and various shades of orange are gorgeous – so fresh and bright. The exposed brickwork is lovely too, The exterior is gorgeous as well, I really love the blue/grey accents, and the landscaping and garden look so natural.

    Liked by 1 person

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