The Flynn Family

When their parents parents passed away, young witches Maggie, Mitchell, and Cora were sent to live with their uncle Edmund in Midnight Hollow. But after only a few weeks under his bad management, the family fortune had shrunk to almost nothing, and Edmund had revealed his true nature – selfish, resentful, and unkind. He blamed the children for all his mistakes, and put Maggie and Edmund to work for long hours in his toy factory. But each night, Maggie left Edmund to look after baby Cora and sneaked from the house to work a shift at the masoleum, hoping to save up enough simoleons for their escape.

Walking home through the graveyard one morning, Maggie came across a headstone engraved with her uncle’s name. One reanimation ritual and sunlight charm later, the real Edmund Flynn was restored to life, and able to tell his niece all about Jackson Bishop, the imposter who had stolen his identity and drowned him in his own pool. Maggie took Uncle Edmund to the police station, were he gave a testimony damning enough to put Jackson safely behind bars.

The family inheritance was gone, but the children were free of their evil guardian. Though their real uncle offered to take them in, Maggie and Mitchell were eager to move on from Midnight Hollow and away from the bad memories they’d made there. Maggie’s birthday was just a few days away, and when it arrived she successfully sued for guardianship of her younger brother and sister. The whole family moved to Barnacle Bay, where Maggie joined the local police force. Maggie is based on Maggie Flynn from Midnight Hollow.

A few sim months after her arrival in Barnacle Bay, Maggie’s boss Jodie introduced her to life guard and genie Tomas. They were instantly drawn to one another’s kind, brave natures and love of sports, and only waited a few days before deciding to get married. Tomas has a daughter from a previous relatioship, Itria, who lives  across the street with her mum and step-dad, and visits often. Tomas shares Maggie’s strong desire to protect the people in her care, and he knows more than a little about evil uncles too: in fact he had one of his own, who imprisoned his sister Marjanah inside an enchanted lamp.

Tomas came into his parents’ lives when they were very old, after Marjanah had vanquished their uncle, enjoyed a successful career, and had four children of her own. But the years of sorrow his family suffered are never far from his mind. That’s why he became a lifeguard – not just because he loves the sunshine, has a flair for the dramatic, and looks great in trunks, but to keep other people’s loved ones as safe as he wants his to be.

Since starting high school, Mitchell has been in love with Deborah, the talented and vivacious eldest daughter of retired crime lord Franco Bagley-Hernandez. Deborah is a vampire, older than Mitchell, and a member of the scariest family in town, but he’s as brave as his big sister and refuses to be chased away.

Maggie worked especially hard at her job during their first few weeks in Barnacle Bay to give a better experience of being a teenager than she had, and to allow him to pursue his interests in sports and writing. Mitchell used to tell Cora stories when she was scared at night, and now he’s working on turning them into a book for her. Mitchell is based on Mitchell Flynn from Midnight Hollow.

Cora is a sweet-natured little girl with a very sharp mind. She enjoys mixing chemistry potions, practicing chess moves, and playing on her toy drum. When Itria comes to stay, the girls share a bedroom. Cora is based on Cora Flynn from Midnight Hollow.

Maggie, Tomas, Mitchell, and Cora live at 397 Tidal Terrace in a house called Cinnamon Surf.

Nursery, currently unoccupied.

Maggie and Tomas’ bedroom.

Mitchell’s bedroom.

Cora and Itria’s bedroom.



I have used these custom sliders for the sims in this household, but they will not transfer into your game and the differences if you do not have them installed will be quite small:

Body   Eye Length, Stretch, and Width   Chin Width

6 thoughts on “The Flynn Family

  1. I wanted to comment on this family. So many things to think about in order to play them! Such a great back story and the house has such a nice calm cinnamon/brown exterior! I wanted to say I was sorry that I hadn’t signed in for my last comment a while ago. Will make sure I do so in the future. Thanks for sharing once again…you have such interesting ideas when you create your families and I love reading about them all!!!! Will be bookmarking in the hopes of downloading eventually. Great family!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for this lovely comment. I’m so glad you like the family and their home. I hope you enjoy them if you do eventually end up with them in your game – and of course you can create your own back story for them if mine is too restrictive, since it’s just what’s going on with them in my game and doesn’t have to be ‘canon’ 🙂

      Happy Simming and thanks again for all your support!


  2. Yay have been eagerly awaiting this house. Its just so pretty! 🙂 Another beautiful family with an interesting back story as well to go with the house. Keep up the good work! 🙂 I always enjoy reading your back stories for your characters.

    Liked by 1 person

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