Alchemist’s Warren

This 3 bedroom 2 bathroom underground home, building using a little cfe magic, is perfect for alchemists and gardeners.


You may notice the ceilings on the entry level are not tiled. Do not try to tile them. Going anywhere near the ceiling with the floor tile will make this happen. Unlike other floating tiles, these cannot be deleted, so you would have to place down the original version of the lot from your library again.

14 thoughts on “Alchemist’s Warren

  1. I love the way you have built this home into the hill with the garden on top, really cute. I have to learn more about cfe you do some wonderful things using it. I have the perfect spot to put this in Moonlight Falls πŸ™‚

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  2. As usual another really creative build. I really like how you designed the garden. A shire themed world would be kind of awesome after looking at this. Love the colors and another great looking kitchen as always. πŸ™‚

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  3. This is so cute and creative! TigerTora is right, it’s like a wonderfully chic and stylish hobbit hole! I love the way you’ve used the bohemian garden string lights – I’ve never been able to use them indoors and make them look nice, but i love the way you’ve strung them in zig-zags across the ceiling, it looks lovely.

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  4. I really love it, and it is now in my HS, and have 6 witches af difrent ages living there… I added some toys and a beehive + stuff for their cat.

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      • so fare they 4 and a cat… lets se what storyprogresion does to them….. I placed it right bhinde the alchamy shop, the museum of magic and near the public “garden”/fishing spot… really it is a edited fishing spot where I added alot of plants + a grill and some toilets…. this family could walk true the forest and never have to set food in the normal world….

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