Beachside Water Park

The whole family can enjoy a fun summer’s day at Barnacle Bay’s largest beach, located at 1500 New Barnacle Blvd. There’s a wave machine, food register, grill, unbreakable bathrooms, lifeguard’s chair, loungers, fire pit, roller coaster with flume, and of course the sea itself. There is also a  decent amount of space left for sims to lay down their towels and play games. The venue is not upgraded to the highest level of the real estate system, because the criteria are a bit silly and specific (for example, all-in-one bathrooms don’t count as toilets).


4 thoughts on “Beachside Water Park

  1. This is wonderful!! Since I’ve never attempted to create a roller coaster on my own yours will make my life a lot easier! I do plan to download this right away so that eventually I can incorporate it into one of my games. Thanks so much for posting it! I love all your downloads and although many are still at the “favourites” stage, one day they will be a part of my game. Still trying to decide if I should use mods, thinking of NRAAS but am nervous about new things. Sorry, just an issue for me.

    Thanks again!!

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    • I hadn’t attempted one before this, and I didn’t plan to: I was just going to modify the boardwalk venue itself. But that’s 64×64 and BB’s beach is 60×60, so I had to take a crack at it myself. It was actually much easier and far less time-consuming than I expected. There is a really helpful tutorial here if you’re ever interested in making one of your own:

      Thank you again for your continued support of this blog, and all your kind words. I really hope you enjoy the lot.

      I understand being nervous about mods. My advice if you do decide to go ahead is not to install more than a couple each time, and always to back up your saves before you put them in.

      Happy Simming xx


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