EP Legacy Gameplay: World Adventures, Part 1

Welcome to the World Adventures generation of my EP Legacy. I know that opinions are divided on World Adventures, but it’s one of my personal favourites. I love the nectar making and the relic collections, and of course the three beautiful vacation worlds. I even love the tombs, especially later on in the quest chains, when there are some really fun and satisfying designs (plus a few broken ones—this is The Sims 3, after all).

This time we’ll be following siblings Maria, Naoise, and Sara on their travels to Egypt, China, and France, as they fulfill their lifetime wishes to curate a ‘world class gallery’, become a ‘martial arts master’, and possess a ‘private museum’.

Maria is brave, adventurous, handy, and athletic, and has a photographer’s eye. Naoise is a loner, adventurous, disciplined, and loves the outdoors. I’ll also be giving him the angler trait, as there are a lot of fishing opportunities available in China. Sara has adventurous, snob, friendly, and lucky, plus green thumb once she ages up. Given a second chance, I might have replaced one of Sara’s with natural cook, as the Champs Les Sims adventures are almost as much about food as they are about nectar.

The family lives at where the Wolffs used to, a +30 beautiful vista lot with panoramic sea views. Their house is currently unfurnished, but will soon be filled with photos, relics, and other collectables.

First up, Egypt.

For the tombs, you’ll need dried food, a tent, and showers in a can from the market. While you’re there, I’d also recommend picking up the location-specific recipe books, a photography book, and a camera.

The first adventure in Al Simhara is always to explore the Tomb of Discovery. I’ll be posting solutions to the more complex tombs as I complete them, but this one is really just a tutorial. It shouldn’t take long to find the documents you’ve been asked for and get out of there.

If you’d like some relics for your collection but don’t fancy the tombs, there is the relics merchant in the market, and also various excavation sites throughout the world. At Visa Level 2, you’ll be able to purchase the Tear of Horus from the special merchant to help you find these more easily.

Whether your sims are digging up relics, pick-axing their way through piles of rubble or off hunting for turquoise, catching up on their podcasts is a great use of all the alone time they’ll get.

Nraas’ GoHere lets you turn car routing on/off for each world, which means your sims can drive around the World Adventures destinations if you like. It makes fetch quests go much faster.

And don’t forget to pick some plums and pomegranates to plant back home

After a couple more mini quests, Maria was ready to spend the final day of her trip relaxing at one of the campsites.

20 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay: World Adventures, Part 1

  1. This is really, really exciting!!! I haven’t sent any of my Sims to World Adventures yet but wow the scenery in Egypt is fabulous. Guess you’ve inspired me to try it out. Love the Sims you have chosen to have these experiences. It’s a new facet of the game for you too I’m thinking? Again your ideas for game play starting with Maria are wonderful! Looking forward to your next posting of these adventures! Thanks so much for sharing….Glory

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    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Thank you. Yes, Egypt is very beautiful; I would definitely recommend a trip there.

      I have completed all of the WA tombs at least once in the past (apart from the Tomb of Israel in France – that one is really hard!), but you’re right that they aren’t a big part of my normal game-play. I’m certainly not used to doing things the long way – for example, by harvesting all the fruits from their special locations, rather than just buying the plants in debug mode!

      I hope you have fun with your own adventures xx


  2. Wow! Your family is off to a great start! I vote for seasons, just because I am lazy and want to see what they look like in other locations!! =) Of course, if you are seriously trying to stick to the ‘rules’, I guess you shouldn’t use them. I am looking forward to your next installation…happy simming!! ♥

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  3. I don’t think weather would hurt to much if it enhances the game play of WA. Your next chapter is off to a great start with wonderful pictures as usual. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful pictures as always! It’s really interesting to see how you play through the quests. Clever (if unintentional!) to pack a car in your sim’s inventory before travelling, it really would speed up fetch quests. And I have no idea how I missed the Tabcast, I’ve literally just downloaded it from the Store now, that will be a massive help with…everything! Can’t believe I didn’t know about it before!
    It’s nice to see a relaxed approach to questing, I have to admit that I get a bit crazy when I take my Sims on vacation and actually have them take on quests – I have them running around like headless chickens trying to complete things as quickly as possible. Clearly it would be much more sensible and enjoyable if I had them do things at slower pace, make local friends, and appreciate the gorgeous surroundings. The WA Worlds really are picturesque.

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    • Yes, the car has been really helpful – although it’s a bit surreal seeing Maria drive around town in an American police car. Oh the tabcasts are great, particularly in tombs when sims’ listening can’t be interrupted by other sims wanting to talk to them. I hope you enjoy playing with it in your game now you’ve got it downloaded 🙂

      I do prefer the slightly more relaxed approach…this game is definitely not about min/maxing (haha), and the WA worlds are far too beautiful not to enjoy as fully as possible. The last time I played through all of the adventures I was just rushing through trying to get a complete relic collection for my builds (only subsequently to remember that the same thing could be accomplished from home in debug mode using the treasure chests), but so far I’m finding the slower approach much more fun.


  5. The kids are gorgeous, thanks in huge part to their stunning mother’s DNA. Having the twins inherit Grady’s blue eyes was a nice bonus since that’s his best feature. It’ll be fun to watch them travel the world.

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  6. Listening to a tabcast while exploring tombs is such a great idea! Thanks, I will definitely have my sims do that in the future. Even if Maria had a more goal oriented trip, it still looks like she had a lovely time.

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      • That’s also a great idea, I normally prefer the ‘self-employed’ professions so I can guide my sims during the day but I will keep it in mind next time I have a sim with a rabbit hole job. I wonder if they can listen during the Uni classes.

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      • Ooh I know I tested that myself but I can’t remember what the result was!
        My main cheat for uni classes would be to spend the first one of the day sleeping in class. Sims will totally fill up their energy bar in like an hour. That way they can stay up all night having fun. And the extra time freed up for skilling will more than make up for the slight performance hit.

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    • Yes parties every night! Sims in the Business major can definitely afford to do it, as they will build their charisma just be talking to people.
      I’d love to do a proper makeover of the university world some time. Maybe after Moonlight Falls.


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