EP Legacy Gameplay: World Adventures, Part 2

Back in Sunset Valley, Sara planted the Egyptian pomegranates and plums. These will be great for nectar.

Everyone spent some time building their skills, while we waited for Maria’s travel moodlet to expire. Athletic and Handiness are the most useful for tombs exploration.

Then it was off to China for Naoise and Maria.

He got his first adventure from the board, to retrieve a relic from the Halls of the Lost Army. It’s just another tutorial quest, with a simple tomb.

Naoise spent the next couple of days at the academy learning martial arts.

1-2 Training

I had him start sparring as soon as the option is available. After he has participated in 75 of these (ranked or casual; win or lose), they will become much easier to win, so I like to start working towards this as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Maria worked on her photography collections, bought the location-specific recipe and skill books from the market, and picked some cherries and pomolos for Sara.

1-2 Picking Fruit

Towards the end of their trip, Naoise received an opportunity to spar twice with a local sim. This is the first in a chain of tasks that ends with the mission to recover some papers tomb underneath Resolute First Retreat. Once the sparring matches were over, Naoise was told to medidate in the Scholar’s Garden for two hours, and then retrieve the papers.

1-2 Meditation

1-2 Wall Trap

If you’re stuck on this tomb, or want to check you haven’t missed any hidden rooms, I’ve posted some pictures of it completed.

8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay: World Adventures, Part 2

  1. China is probably my favourite WA World, I love it, it’s so beautiful. I’m sure Maria was able to take some wonderful photographs there. Also the Martial Arts skill is one of my favourite things about the WA EP, the sparring interaction is so much fun, and I like to let my Sims chill out by meditating. Probably mainly I wish I could kick ass like they do..!
    I really love the travel outfit you have for Naoise, he really does look like a young Indy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love it too! Such beautiful scenery, and interesting places to explore. I never even mind those silly fetch quests, because it’s an opportunity just to follow my sim around with the camera and enjoy all the little details of the world. And I agree that martial arts is lots of fun 🙂

      To be honest, I’ve been pretty lazy about photography so far – I’ve mostly just been taking bad photos of whatever’s in the photo log to allow Maria to complete her LTW. I’m looking forward to taking more scenery screenshots of my own though, and maybe even using S3PE to swap those images for the ones I have.

      I like Naoise’s outfit too 🙂 I’m really glad it was available for teens, as sometimes the best stuff isn’t.

      Happy Simming!


    • It is a nice location! This is why I love coastal worlds 🙂

      I think Master Controller removes the cap on the number of sims you can invite, and there’s a LTR that makes sure everyone shows up regardless of your relationship with them (provided they’re not at work or something).

      Happy simming! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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