EP Legacy Gameplay 1.3

This time, Sara headed off to Champs Les Sims, accompanied by her big sister Maria.

Sara had a high school opportunity to interview a Champs Les Sims local, so I got that out of the way first.

Her first proper quest was to investigate the a forgotten burial ground just outside of town.

Argh, bugs!!

It’s always worth mourning at any headstones you see: you never know what secrets you’ll uncover.

Maria met some locals. She was very excited to discover that she and Manon Godard share three traits: brave, athletic, and handy.

Sara tasted her first nectar. She seem to enjoy it…

…until a couple of hours later.

Her next adventure took her to Chateau de Langraab. This is big tomb, and we’ll be returning to it several times, so for now I decided just to get in, retrieve the required quest item, and get out. It should have been easy and painless to accomplish, and would have been if I’d paid more attention to the floor.

Poor Sara.

I decided Sara needed a break from tomb exploration, so accepted a series of quests focused upon harvesting fruits, making nectar, and cooking meals.

Maria, meanwhile, was still hanging out at Manon’s house, falling in love.

I dragged her away to buy some recipe and fishing books from the market, but not before she had upgraded Manon’s oven to thank her for letting her stay so long.

The girls traveled back to Sunset Valley, where Elisa had just discovered she was pregnant.

She went to say hello to Clark and Kristjana’s new baby boy, Jamison. He has his mum’s blonde hair.

Grady cooked a lunch of egg rolls and falafel to celebrate Elisa’s pregnancy and to welcome his daughters back home.

But just as they were clearing away the plates, he started to pass away!

He really didn’t want to go.

Breda took her dad’s death very hard.

R.I.P. Grady.

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 1.3

    • Ah yes, it’s inevitable! I do prefer to keep ageing on though. Thank you – glad you like the pictures 🙂 France is very pretty. But there’s a weird issue with the distant terrain where the trees appear as these ugly blocks that I have to hand edit out of the screenshots, so don’t expect many more scenery pictures, haha!


  1. I’m always so happy to see one of your posts arrive in my inbox. Yes, the ending was sad. It was nice though to see Sara traveling with Maria! Thanks once again for sharing your game play with us. Looking forward to the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

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