EP Legacy Gameplay 1.4

After the first round of visits to Egypt, China and France, I decided to use Master Controller to age everyone in Sunset Valley up by six days, to reflect the time that had passed while my sims were abroad. As a result of the added days, Breda became a teenager (rolling the commitment issues trait) and Elisa’s newborn baby Thiago aged up into a toddler.

Maria was ready to travel back to Al Simhara. Naoise went with her to practice his fishing.

Maria was still missing her dad terribly.

She felt less lonely with her brother and fellow travelers around. On their first evening she turned the fish Naoise had caught that day into sushi for everyone to share.

Still, there were adventures to be had and Maria couldn’t stay at the base camp all week. Her stop was the Ancient Library, which she completed very quickly. Here are the pictures of it: 0 B1 B2.

Next was a fetch quest for mummitomium. This metal is quite rare and and it took a couple of days for enough pieces to spawn, so Maria had some time to drive around in her police car, finding landmarks to photograph and dig sites to excavate. Finally, she checked out the Copper Quarry.

In the Copper Quarry, Maria soon found her path blocked by a giant boulder. The family will need to find a certain mystical item from China before she can explore the rest of this tomb.

By buying off the right people with the mummitomium, Maria was able to break into Morcu Corp’s headquarters to hack their databases.

Here are the pictures of the headquarters: 0 B1 B2 B3.

After recovering from his time Egypt, Naosie headed off to China, this time alone. I was looking for something else on his phone, when I noticed that the option to challenge a tournament contender had become available, so that was what he spent the majority of his trip doing. According to The Sims Wiki, the tournament is unlocked at level four of the martial arts skill, and I would recommend starting it then (rather waiting until level nine like I did) because it’s a nice way to meet other sims and also because, win or lose, matches contribute to the Sim Fu King challenge.

During his vacation, Naoise was also able to retrieve the legendary Pangu’s Axe from the Temple of Heaven, although there wasn’t time for him to complete the rest of that tomb.

Over in France, Maria and Manon took a romantic camping trip together.

Sara went down into the Champs Les Sims Museum catacombs. Here they are, fully explored: B1.

This adventure brought Sara’s visa up to level three, allowing her to purchase a certificate of partnership with France and some special grapes. She’ll also be able to buy a fancier tent, but she didn’t have enough coins for that just yet.

The special merchant tasked her with catching five beetles before travelling to Egypt. I accepted the adventure because if if I remember correctly this one’s a prerequisite for opening up the main part of the large tomb under the nectary.

The sisters arrived home on Sara and Naoise’s birthday. Elisa threw them a party.

They enjoyed their birthday cake.

It was nice to see Clark still around.

After dark, Naoise let off a firework he had bought in China to celebrate his and Sara’s birthday.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 1.4

  1. You take the best screenshots, This really makes me want to fully explore world adventures I only played it so much when it first came out. As always glad to see more progress on your gameplay. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you; that’s so nice to hear! I really do feel WA can be a lot of fun to explore, particularly if you mix the adventures up with other things like dancing in LN clubs and relaxing at IP resorts, which is what I usually do (although not this time obviously).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great tip on the martial arts skill. That’s something I haven’t tried yet. I haven’t leveled up a sim’s visa yet either. So much I haven’t done. Anyway, another great big birthday party with lovely fireworks. You throw the best parties, R. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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