The Riggins-Fae Family

Mad scientist Tamsen grew up in a family of thoroughly right-brained sims: her actress sister Alicia, chef brother Garrick and art appraiser mum Bambi.  She was also the only one of her siblings not to inherit her mum’s magical powers, and used to envy their beautiful fairy wings. As she grew older, though, Tamsen began to discover her own talents for programming, photography, DIY, and chess. She even started to share her brother’s love of cooking, although her approach was always more methodical than his. In her garden, Tamsen grows egg plants to make her favourite meal, cookies. When she wants to relax, she enjoys sunbathing at the beach and throwing parties for her friends.

Tamsen lives at 51 Rock Pool Park, near to her work and next door to her colleague Athena. The house has an upside-down floor plan, with the main living spaces located on the top floor.

Kitchen, dining, and living areas, nectar storage, WC, not-so-routine machine, and small balcony.

Tamsen’s bedroom, guest bedroom, bathrooms, and telescope.

Science lab.



10 thoughts on “The Riggins-Fae Family

  1. Another lovely house and family/sim. I love the soft colors and think they really suit the sim that lives there. As usual an amazing kitchen in the house. I would love to cook in there with those beautiful views. Would make things like washing dishes more enjoyable.:P I really like the use of the roller coaster pieces as part of the house. Its inspiring to look at other’s builds to learn new ideas. I keep meaning to use the not so routine machine in one of my builds (I plan on putting quite a few of them in lunar lakes.)

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    • Thank you very much! I’m really glad you like the decor. I’m not a huge fan of pink (Tamsen’s favourite colour) so I wasn’t really sure if what I was doing looked any good.

      Oh yes I would LOVE a kitchen with views like that. We eat a lot of fresh vegetables that take a long time to chop, and it can get pretty boring, but being able to look out at the sea would definitely make it a lot more fun!

      I’m really pleased with how the roller coaster pieces came out to. I’d had the inspiration pictures for this house sitting on my computer for a while, and then when I made that water park a couple of weeks ago I suddenly realised I could use them for this.

      This is actually the first time I’ve used used the not-so-routine machine! I prefer to have my families eat breakfast together and to shower after work (because they run home from work), but for a sim living alone it’s a great time-saver, and seemed right for Tamsen with her interest in science and technology.

      Do you have LL builds in the works then? I can’t wait to see! I always love your creations xx


      • Most of it is just sprucing up the current homes and buildings with ITF and futureshock content. I have built a resort for it though. That one was a lot less work than the other one I uploaded as it’s on a much smaller lot. The not so routine machine isn’t part of that lot though. Am feeling like I forgot some important resort feature In that lot and need to check it. Really hope its not the buffet tables as that will require a big new room. >_>

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      • Lol, oh no! Yes, I often feel that the list of resort requirements is a little too long and specific, particularly if you’re building a themed resort, but I guess it was the only way they could have set it up. I’ve never actually played LL, except as a vacation world, but it always looks so nice. I hope you have fun xx


  2. Those roller coaster pieces really work well with the build, what a creative idea! Also that kitchen, and the views it provides from the windows, is gorgeous. The science lab in the basement is great too – I love the science career, it’s still one of my favourites, and gardening is one of my favourite things in the Sims 3, so lots of my Sims end up in the science career.

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    • Thank you! Those roller coaster pieces are very versatile. I always enjoy seeing what other people do with them as well; I remember once someone made a kind of arbour with them.
      I really enjoy gardening in TS3 too! Have you played TS4 at all? Basically the only thing I liked about that game was the gardening system, which I thought was even better than T3’s.


      • I haven’t played TS4 at all, I got the CAS Demo and really wasn’t a fan. I watched some Let’s Plays on YouTube as well, and I just don’t really like the graphics! They seem weirdly cartoon-y, I’ve always liked how TS3 is somehow softer and more realistic. Also I was majorly disappointed about the lack of CASt, I love it so much as it makes everything so customisable.
        I’m happy just sticking with TS3 for now, there are so many parts of it that I haven’t really explored yet anyway. Your EP Legacy is helping to teach me some new things as well, so it feels fresh when I’m playing.

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      • I feel the same way, and also plan to stick with TS3. I’m so glad I’m giving you ideas for your game! There are so many things I have yet to try out myself as well – including basically the entire ITF EP 🙂


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