Lemon Tree Gardens

This small park is a great place for children’s parties. There’s a buffet table, junior baking station, music, games, and more. Bring along a grownup to reach up into the rows of lemon trees, and you can even start a business selling fresh lemonade.


If you’d like children to be able to harvest lemons themselves, I’d suggest this mod.

10 thoughts on “Lemon Tree Gardens

  1. LOVE the name! This looks like a really fun party gathering spot for the little ones!

    How odd that bathrooms would cause a routing issue on venues, but I understand routing issues on venues. I have a salon where Sims enter the front of the building and go directly towards the back door which is behind the barista bar. It can get congested for a few minutes. I wonder if the all-in-one bathroom units would work here or making a basement for the bathrooms (I have done that in a couple of parks and don’t recall Sims making a beeline for them). Just a thought or two.

    I am super tempted to start grabbing your lots and seeing the “new” Barnacle Bay for myself. Your creations are simply STUNNING!!!

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    • Thanks so much for this!

      Yes, the all-in-one bathrooms would work, and people could definitely add them if they feel they need them. I’m just not crazy about the way they look. I guess maybe some kind of shelter to hide the all-in-ones? Maybe I’ll try that next time 🙂

      The problem with having traditional bathroom rooms on lots with no other rooms is that sims think that the bathrooms are the venue and that everything else is just landscaping (even if it’s zoned as a park!), so they all go there and hang out when they first arrive. It’s okay if the bathrooms are big, but if they’re not it’s kind of awful because everyone gets so stuck, and I didn’t really have space for big bathrooms on a smallish lot like this.

      The door confusion in your salon sounds very familiar! Sims can be so silly sometimes.

      Thanks for all your kind swords about my BB builds! It’s such a big project, and the encouragement is really appreciated 🙂


  2. I agree with adwilson, your name choice is excellent! A terrific concept to work with, a children’s park which doesn’t take up a lot of room but is so happy looking. Can see the little ones wanting to spend those lovely, long, lazy afternoons playing hopscotch, using the slide and riding the spring horses and other creatures. It was super to see the children sitting inside under the shelter eating chocolate cookies. When you have the cafe right next door the parents can chat and take turns keeping an eye on the children now and then.

    I love your creativity! Your other more recent posts with families etc. have also been fun to read about. Sorry I haven’t commented on them, Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them, have been busy with appointments for my mother and other errands like shopping which she particularly enjoys!

    Looking forward to seeing your next ideas, thanks so much for sharing! I remember when you told us that you weren’t going to be continuing with posting to the Sims3 and giving us this new address so that we could find you. I sure signed up for that in a hurry!! And it’s been worth it, can’t imagine missing out on all of these wonderful posts!

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  3. Looks wonderful GC! I really love the chairs, they look so cute on the lot. I really love the bright and happy colors. It looks like there are lots of fun things for children to do while there. As usual the the landscaping is top notch. 🙂 Really looking forward to your to your cafe lot. I know what you mean about the bathrooms, I remember a large household visiting a park once and all of them trying to go into the bathroom. I have used the shelter idea before for all in one bathrooms. With a little CASt to make them match the shelter it looks more like a small public bathroom.

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    • Yes, definitely! They are both lovely 🙂 There are other CASt options it’s not showing you on the site as well, like duck can also be a penguin and the lamb can also be a monkey or something. I keep meaning to use them all together, but I can never get that to look quite right.


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