EP Legacy Gameplay 1.5

Everything in Sunset Valley was going well. Sara’s garden was flourishing.

Grady paid the family a visit every morning, usually staying until well after sunrise.

But Maria could never stay in one place for long. The tombs of Al Simhara were calling her, and soon she and Sara were settling back into the Egyptian base camp.

Sara was pleased to run into fellow Sunset Valley resident Jason Keaton.

They discovered they share the friendly and snob traits, and quickly struck up a holiday romance.

While Sara got to know Jason, Maria started to explore the Great Pyramid. This tomb is huge and took her several days to complete, but it’s my favourite one so far.


Maria snapped a picture before literally beating him into the dust.

Pangu’s Axe is so much fun.

In the pyramid’s final room, another mummy lurched towards Maria.

She was all set to fight him, but I accidentally incinerated him in a fire trap!

Here are the pictures of the completed tomb: 1 0 B1 B2.

Next was the James Vaughan Command Center: 0 B1 B2 B3 B4.

I had a great time with all this, so I had Maria accept one more quest – to solve the Ancient Trap Nexus tomb.

Behind a hidden door, she encountered not one but two mummies!

What’s this??

Of course, she defeated them both. Here is the completed Ancient Trap Nexus: B1 B2.

This last quest brought Maria’s visa up to level three, enabling the girls to buy the Sultan’s Tabernacle.

She also bought the Tear of Horus, which adds map tags for dig sites. By excavating these she found several relics, including the last caponic jar she needed to complete her collection.

Before they left for Sunset Valley, Sara handed in the beetles she’d caught in Champs Les Sims.

Upon their return, Sara visited Jason to see if he wanted to continue their relationship. They are now going steady.

Back at the family home, Maria assembled the Sarcophagus of Kings from the fragments she’d found in Al Simhara, and placed her complete collection of caponic jars inside it.

Meet our newest household member, Calvinotep Nahguav II. I take no responsibility for his silly first name. Calvinotep loves the outdoors, and is easily impressed, family-orientated, friendly, and a vegetarian.  I gave him the LTW to have a bottomless nectar cellar.

Naoise was ready for another trip to China, and I decided to have Calvinotep tag along. He made some new friends, and even learned a bit of martial arts.

He moves so incredibly slowly, but I think he had a nice time sightseeing.

Meanwhile, Naoise revisited the Temple of Heaven. He smashed a few boulders and found the Symbol of Pangu’s heaven in the very middle behind two secret doors, but I think he will need to get a keystone from a particular quest chain before he can complete the tomb.

There weren’t many interesting adventures available this time, so I had Naoise continue to compete in the martial arts tournament.

Half way through a match, his phone rang, giving him the opportunity to retrieve the key to the Dragon Cave from Le Chateau du Landgraab. This quest involved a quick trip to Champs Les Sims for Naoise and Sara, where he was able to open the final section of the chateau.

Pangu’s Axe came in handy exploring the rest of the grounds.

That’s this tomb complete: 3 2 1 B1.

Sara’s adventure had somehow been cancelled, which is kind of a problem because it’s the only way into the Tomb of Israel. I guess I’ll just have to hope it comes up again. In the mean time, I had her borrow her brother’s axe and use it to smash some boulders blocking the way to a secret underground garden.

Sara has the snob trait and doesn’t enjoy dried food, so I was pleased to discover some grapes for her to harvest and eat. I think I’ll make sure she always has a supply of fresh fruit in her inventory when she goes on adventures from now on.

Here are the pictures of the fully explored tomb: B1 B2 B3

Sara dived into the water.

She came up in Tuatha’s Garden, a tomb hidden underneath the little island in the middle of the river. She was able to harvest more rare plants there, including a death flower.

This is how the completed garden looks: B3 B4.

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 1.5

  1. Lots of story for this chapter I love it. 🙂 More beautiful pictures as always. Its nice that Grady is still with his family even after his passing. Lol is that mummy rolling an attraction moodlet for maria while she is fighting him? 😛 Did you edit Jason any? He looks good for a born in game sim, though Justine does have pretty good genetics to pass down to a child. I know how what you mean about the mummy walk speed. I have one mummy and only one mummy for that very reason. I keep meaning to see if a fairy can cast the flight spell on him. Would be good for his walk speed but not sure if flying mummies are good for the other sims. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening, haha! Just before they jumped into the fight, they both got attraction hearts above their heads; I’ve seen this happen quite a few times now actually. I keep meaning to download the scoring module of woohooer to tweak the tuning of the attraction system.

      I didn’t edit Jason (apart from his clothes), but I did edit both of his parents before he was conceived. Marty was the first sim that Elisa met, and he and Justine came to all her fundraisers, so I wanted them to look a bit more realistic since I’d be seeing them a lot.

      I love the flying mummy idea! I’ll have to try that out if Calvinotep (or his descendants?) is/are still around in when I get to the SN generation.


  2. Sultan’s Tabernacle is one fancy tent! Do the map tags work like the LTR version (the thing that looks like a butterfly)? OMG … You have a mummy in your household now? I didn’t even know that was possible. Not sure I’d want to do it. They kinda creep me out because they look too much like zombies. Ick.

    Jason’s a cutie. I’ll bet he and Sara would have adorable babies. And Naoise looks like a badass in his flying kick pose. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, the tags are similar, except it only shows dig sites.

      Lol, you can add a mummy to the household or even turn your sim into one! The way they shamble around is pretty funny, although it does mean they take forever to do anything.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yes, it was interesting taking a mummy sightseeing. I remember I would check up on him like three hours after telling him to do something and he would still be slowly shuffling up the same hill.
      Maria was a fun sim to play. I had a great time exploring all the tombs. This was one of my favourite generations to play.

      Liked by 1 person

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