EP Legacy Gameplay 1.7

Sara and Jason bought a vacation home in Champs Les Sims.

This visit to France was very laid back. Jason raised his charisma skill, while Sara made nectar and excavated dig sites.

The family returned home to bad news: Jason’s mum had passed away. He hurried to his dad’s side to comfort him.

Story progression had some happy reports too, though. Shirin and Leighton’s son Kaveh just got engaged to Jason’s sister Janis. Sara stopped by the house to wish them well.

Maria had a birthday party. All of the Mitra-Sekemotos showed up to celebrate with her.

Thiago made quite an impression on Shirin and Leighton’s daughter Layla. She’s neutoric like him, so listened with fascination while he shared his conspiracy theories.

Unlike his sisters, Naoise still likes to keep to himself. He has been working towards the ‘Timber Terminator’ challenge, which will allow him to get gems from space rocks he smashes on the board breaker.

Daniel and his uncle Thiago both grew up. I moved Thiago in with his sister Breda.

Naoise traveled to Shang Simla. He only had one tomb left to complete there, and the quest chain just wasn’t coming up, so I cheated and used Debug Enabler to give it to him. I accidentally walked him into a few traps, but he had a good time nonetheless.

And here it is – the Tomb of the First Emperor: B1 B2.

Back in Sunset Valley, Sara and Jason were expecting their second child. Elisa and Grady were very excited.

She gave birth to a baby girl, Sonia, who is brave and a genius.

As soon as she’d put her newborn daughter in her crib, Sara rolled the wish to get married, so I sent the whole family (minus Sonia) off to Al Simhara for a double wedding.

Here’s the venue I built for the occasion.

After the wedding, Maria and Manon stayed on in Egypt, as Maria had a few tombs left to explore. She started with The Great Sphinx: 1 0 B1 B2. (Sorry about the first two pictures being so distorted! The Sphinx shell was seriously getting in my way.)

Next, she visited the lowest level of the Copper Quarry, where there is a fiery ravine that can only be bypassed by zenoporting across.

Here is the completed Copper Quarry: B1 B2 B3.

Finally, she tackled Abu Simbel, where she found the Eyes of Horus and several rare relics.

Abu Simbel: 0 B1

While Maria was off exploring, Manon learned snake charming. She got so good at it that she was able to charm a kiss from the king cobra.

Maria and Manon both came back from Egypt pregnant. Maria bought them both pregnancy books and cooked a family meal to celebrate.

Sadly, that night Shirin died of old age. The next morning, Elisa went straight to Leighton’s house to spend the day with him. At first he seemed inconsolable.

But after a few hours, he did manage a small smile.

Elisa eventually left to give Leighton and his children some time to mourn alone. Just as she arrived home, Elisa herself passed away.

Grim was far too happy about this.

The family laid Elisa to rest next to Grady, Clark, and Shirin.

12 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 1.7

  1. Wonderful gameplay, so much happening! Was sad to hear about the deaths but the double wedding was great. The venue you built was lovely as well! thanks for sharing….Glorygal

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The wedding venue is wonderful and made for some great pictures. Enjoy watching the progress of your game as always. 🙂
    You are right grim looks way to happy about it. Like hes thinking “woot I have been waiting for this day forever.” >_>

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Anette! 🙂 Since the quests are basically just opportunities, they can be triggered in the same way as those. I think it’s under Debug Enabler>>Opportunities>>Adventures. All the quests are listed there (with slightly confusing code names!). You can only get quests for which your sim is actually eligible though; the others will just give you an error message. I imagine the criteria are things like not having done the quest already (apart from the ones that repeat like the photography and nectar ones). I hope this helps xx


      • it might… I never done the tricker opertunity… but I have tried quest canceling when I needed to travel after the crocedil and more… that bugs me…. don’t know how to save a quest que then.
        thank you

        Liked by 1 person

      • You mean if a quest chain gets interrupted for some reason (like if you cancel it accidentally, or the sim you were meant to be meeting dies, or it the quest just glitches out and vanishes like it did for me)? Yes, I think that when that happens there can be problems re-starting the quest chain.


  3. Layla’s adorable — such a pretty face! Very cool having a double wedding in Al Simhara, and I love the venue you built for it. It really suits the region and surrounding landscape. Wow — both Maria and Manon got pregnant on their honeymoon? Only in the Sims could it be that easy. LOL.

    You taught me something else about martial arts. I had no idea you could turn space rocks into gems! That would’ve come in handy while I have 3 aliens in my household who can steal space rocks from the science lab. Unfortunately, I don’t have a martial arts expert on hand.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thanks. It was fun to build.

      Ah, so the space rocks you smash are not actual space rocks taken from your inventory. Sorry, I should have made that clear. It’s just an option on the martial arts block thing…you can choose between foam, different kinds of wood, thin stone, and, at level 9 (or 7 with the disciplined trait) a space rock.

      Perhaps you could put your surplus space rocks in one of the display cases to trasfigure them? I think that gets you one big one.

      Liked by 1 person

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