Provençal Retreat

A quaint French cottage, built as a vacation home for 200 East Northbank Boulevard in Champs Les Sims. Downstairs you’ll find a small kitchen, sitting area, and twin bedroom. The master bedroom is upstairs. Outside, there’s a dining table, chess table, outhouse, and some perfect quality Cherimola Blan and Renoit grapes. The ornamental pear tree at the front conceals a perfect pomegranate tree.


If you are using Nraas Traveler to turn weather on for vacation worlds, please note that the master bedroom is only accessible via the outdoor stairscase; this, and the lack of an indoor dining area make this build not really ideal for extreme temperatures.

6 thoughts on “Provençal Retreat

  1. Looks great GC, I could imagine staying there for a nice peaceful vacation with a good book. As usual I love the kitchen. Liking the use of the round fireplace its one of my favorite pieces of store content. The house really fits the look of the world (personally think its probably the best looking house there now.) 🙂

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    • Thank you 🙂

      The kitchen gave me so much hassle because I originally had some overhead cabinets that were causing all kinds of routing nonsense. It would be fine when I placed fresh copies, but when I went home to SV then came back to CLS my sims would no longer be able to use the fridge or counters beneath the cabinets. So annoying! Anyway, I got rid of them and I think it all turned out okay.

      I really love that fireplace too! It’s so pretty and surprisingly versatile.


  2. Gorgeous and very authentic – the ivy and the shuttered windows, the outside staircase are all lovely touches. I particularly love the decor, the sink in the kitchen works so well, and I love the outdoor seating area – your sims will be able to enjoy eating (and drinking) some wonderful fresh produce there 🙂

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