EP Legacy Gameplay 1.8

Sara, Jason, and Daniel spent a few days in their vacation home in France. Daniel enjoyed cycling around seeing the sites and making friends.

I realised that there was a substantial section of the Celtic Burial Mound that I had yet to explore. I’d somehow managed to miss two secret entrances round the back! I sent Sara over to check them out.

And here is how this lot actually looks when it’s been fully explored: B1 B2 B3 B4.

At the legacy home, Maria and Manon were looking forward to starting a family together.

They gave birth to two baby girls, Muriel and Salome. Since Muriel was born just before her sister, she’ll be the final heir for the Ambitions play through. The traits I want to give her aren’t available for infants, so I’ve left them blank for now. Salome rolled the artistic and grumpy traits.

Elisa came to say hello to her new granddaughters.

It wasn’t long before both Maria and Sara were pregnant again. That’s Kristjana in the second picture, by the way; I can’t believe she’s still around!

Manon became an elder.

I thought that Daniel and Sonia might enjoy visiting Egypt. The role of chaperon fell to Naoise, as the only adult not currently expecting a baby.  He stocked up on plenty of bait before he left, and was able to catch a good number of mummy fish.

Daniel bought a camera from the market while Sonia made friends with local boy Ra’ed Lufti. Sonia and Ra’ed are both geniuses, so they had plenty to say to one another.

Sonia wished to go inside a pyramid. I had Daniel go with her to open any heavy doors and keep her safe.

She found a beautiful yellow saphire, which she gave as a gift to her new friend.

Soon, Daniel and Maria’s little brother and cousin were born. Sara gave birth to Elias Keaton-Borges, who rolled the perceptive and slob traits; and Maria gave birth to Victor Elfman-Godard, who rolled easily impressed and insane.

Sara had some unfinished business in France, so I sent her over alone for a final bit of tomb exploration. I’m fairly convinced that the adventure that allows you to explore the Tombs of Israel and Jean Nectaeux under the nectary is bugged for me, as that’s twice now it’s been randomly cancelled before I could get the key, and I get an error message when I try to use Debug Enabler to trigger any of the quests in that chain. That’s a shame, because from the little clues hidden about the tombs themselves it looks like they have a really interesting story behind them. Anyway, I wanted to explore the tombs, so I cheated my way in. (I used Debug Enabler to unlock the two necessary doors, but if you are having the same problem then smashing holes in the walls in build mode would work just as well – that’s what I did last time, I think.)

Sara had an unfortunate encounter with a mummy that ended in her getting cursed. I like the animation!

I was actually perversely kind of hoping this would happen at some point, as I’ve never seen the final stages of the mummy’s curse. But it would have taken fourteen days to kill Sara, which was more time than I had left in this section of the legacy, so I just used the moodlet manager to cure her. (Other ways to remove the curse include getting a kiss from the king cobra, sleeping in the blessed sarcophagus of kings, and talking to the statue in the Sphinx.)

Here are the last set of tomb pictures, for the Nectary Cellars and Tombs of Israel/Nectaeux: B1 B2 B3 B4.

So that’s it for World Adventures I think. My sims explored all the tombs, completed all the relic collections, learned martial arts, nectar making, and snake charming, caught the new fish, sampled the new cuisine, and made lots of new friends. This expansion pack remains one of my favourites, although it will be quite a while before I want to tackle the tombs again! Daniel will become a young adult in three sim days, at which point I’ll be ready to move the family to Twinbrook and begin the next section of the legacy. Happy simming, everyone!

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 1.8

  1. Wonderful pictures as always! Sounds like Sara had a lucky escape – I’m always curious about seeing the final stages of the mummy curse too but I get too attached to my Sims and cure it every time! Looking forward to the Ambitions section of the Legacy – in the past year I’ve played through more of the Professions, but I must confess I usually find them quite time-consuming, having to control the Sim all day, the traditional careers can provide a nice rest, particularly if I’ve got a lot of Sims in a household!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!

      I’m still pretty curious about that curse. Here’s what the SIms Wiki has to say: ‘Within the final days of these cursed weeks, a dark black haze will slowly surround the borders of the player’s computer screen or game window whenever the affected Sim is selected, as if the vision of the hopeless victim is slowly clouding over. Three hours before the cursed Sim dies, a mummy face appears on the screen and fades in and out. As time passes the face becomes blurry.’ That sounds pretty exciting to me! And I do have three death flowers in the family, so it needn’t have been fatal.

      I am looking forward to the next generation too, although, full disclosure: ambitions is my least favourite EP. Still, I haven’t played most of the careers in such a long time that I’m optimistic about discovering lots of fun new things I never noticed before 🙂


  2. Makes me want to do some exploring, myself. My daughter loves the tomb explorations! It appears you have some interesting children coming up!! I love insane sims, they are so unpredictable! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another fun chapter, Always enjoy looking at your wonderful pictures. Love the picture of Maria and Manon together, romantic with a nice view behind them. Am looking forward to the next generation as well., I actually like ambitions for the most part but don’t engage in the careers all that much. I do like stylist, ghost hunter (ghost hunter is my favorite) and detective. I think because those 3 you really work at at your own pace. Stylist is more liked due to that being the first way to edit those hideous random npc outfits. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m so glad you like the pictures. They are fun to take. Oh, yes, I like the stylist career too, for the same reason as you: I’m going to be editing NPCs anyway, so my sims may as well get paid for it! I don’t usually ever bother with any of the other professions. The one I dislike most is definitely the buggy, repetitive, restrictive architect profession, although that’s actually one of the two I’ve chosen to explore (the other is ghost hunting), to see if it’s as bad as I remember! I do like the sculpting and inventing though.


  4. Seeing a mummy holding a precious baby just looks so wrong. LOL. Thanks to Naoise (well, you, really), now I know what a mummy fish looks like. I found out lots of interesting things about WA because of you. I’m not a big fan of exploring the tombs, but I like the worlds themselves and the additional sims they add to game play.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I can see why you’d find that freaky. Really glad you found out some thing you didn’t know before, and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy playing about with them in your own game! I actually really enjoy doing the tombs once in a while, but, like you, prefer just spending time in the vacation worlds and meeting new sims xx

      Liked by 1 person

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