The Ladybug

The Ladybug is a bright and playful three-bedroom home, shown here at 1675 New Barnacle Blvd. Downstairs you’ll find a sitting room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom (with en suite), nursery (with en suite), and WC. A guest bedroom and further bathroom are located on the second floor.


Thanks to my friend Ciane for the lovely name!

4 thoughts on “The Ladybug

  1. This house and so cute, and the name is perfect. I have added this to my collection for BB. I love your colour schemes GC and another different design. I enjoy the descriptions you give of your families, it gives them a personality and I can actually see the families in their homes and lives before even before downloading. Another good one GC

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    • Thank you, Gypsy! I really hope you enjoy the house. I’m glad the family’s personality comes across. I like to use the sims my houses are actually for as my decorators, upgraders, and testers, so that it feels more like their home to me. I hope they will be able to stay in the same homes for generations in my game 🙂


  2. Another great home and family, A really great layout for the home and I love the colors. The house is so colorful and cheerful. 🙂 As usual I really like the kitchen. I love Gillian’s eyes, think I have mentioned my love of purple eyes before though.

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