The Lobos-Brunner Family

Sabina‘s brother Donato is an aspiring politician. During his communications degree at university he developed a love of photography, which he likes to practice in his spare time. He met his wife Gillian when she was catering a fundraiser for him at city hall. In a classic meet cute, she spilled a tray of dips all over him, he made a joke of it, and they’ve been madly in love ever since.

Donato’s quiet, well-meaning wife Gillian loves to cook and appreciates a good joke.  She currently works at the seafood restaurant High Tide, but dreams one day of running her own five-star establishment.

Donato and Gillian’s son Samuel is a happy, friendly little boy. His favourite toy is his Sim Fu panda bear, which he always cuddles close to him as he sleeps in his cot.

This is the family home, Ladybug. Thanks to my friend Ciane for the lovely name!  Downstairs you’ll find a sitting room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom (with en suite), nursery (with en suite), and WC. A guest bedroom and further bathroom are located on the second floor.




4 thoughts on “The Lobos-Brunner Family

  1. This house and so cute, and the name is perfect. I have added this to my collection for BB. I love your colour schemes GC and another different design. I enjoy the descriptions you give of your families, it gives them a personality and I can actually see the families in their homes and lives before even before downloading. Another good one GC

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    • Thank you, Gypsy! I really hope you enjoy the house. I’m glad the family’s personality comes across. I like to use the sims my houses are actually for as my decorators, upgraders, and testers, so that it feels more like their home to me. I hope they will be able to stay in the same homes for generations in my game 🙂


  2. Another great home and family, A really great layout for the home and I love the colors. The house is so colorful and cheerful. 🙂 As usual I really like the kitchen. I love Gillian’s eyes, think I have mentioned my love of purple eyes before though.

    Liked by 1 person

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