EP Legacy Gameplay 2.1

This generation, brother and sister Daniel and Sonia Borges-Keaten and their cousin Muriel Elfman-Manon will be in Twinbrook, playing through some of the content from Ambitions. Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of this expansion pack; in fact, of those I’ve properly explored (all but Into the Future), it might be my least favourite. But I’ll try to keep an open mind and not be too grumpy!

This is Daniel. He’s artistic, perceptive, ambitious, charismatic, and dramatic, and will be tackling the architect profession. In my regular gameplay, I like to build very detailed, personalized homes for all the town’s families, and resent being called upon to tear down my hard work to create a gym in a house that is clearly too small for one or, worse, a ‘sanctuary’ for a ‘teen’ I know does not exist. My past experience with this profession has been almost entirely negative, but I wanted to give it another chance.

Here is Daniel’s sister Sonia. She’s eccentric, brave, a genius, and handy, and will eventually also be a daredevil.  Sonia will be focusing on the inventing skill and also, once she’s graduated from high school, the ghost hunting profession.

Daniel and Sonia’s cousin Muriel is eco-friendly and a perfectionist. She also has the hidden ‘French culture’ and ‘can salute’ traits. She will eventually also be a savvy sculptor, born salesperson, and natural cook. For the first week or so, Muriel will just be attending school and running her own little bake sale. As soon as she’s old enough, she’s going to take up sculpting, and will also be the one making the trips to the Twinbrook Buy and Bargain Shop to sell Daniel’s paintings, Sonia’s inventions, and her own sculptures. I’ve never actually used the consignment store before, so I am looking forward to seeing what that’s all about.

Daniel, Sonia, and Muriel live with Muriel’s twin sister Salome, little brother Victor, and their parents Maria and Manon. Maria is retired and spends most of her time cooking and gardening, while Manon still works in the military career.

I built the family a house where Aerie Supply used to be, a +50 beautiful vista lot. It’s located in the swampier part of town, which is one of my absolute favourite locations in the game. The lots on the other side of the river are fine – they certainly make a convincing location for NOLA-inspired  homes – but they just can’t compete in terms of lovely views or unique atmosphere.

As soon as they moved in, Muriel and Sonia got straight to baking and inventing.

Sonia’s first invention was a little whale toy. One of the kids will love this.

When she ran out of scrap, I had her dig around in the junk yard for spare parts.

Nraas story progression let me know that Naoise and his boyfriend Jules had just got married. I was completely delighted when a few moments later Daniel’s very first available job turned out to be to create a new bedroom for them in celebration of their wedding! Maria congratulated her brother, while Daniel went to work.

Here is an overhead shot of how he decorated the room. During the renovation, I took the incense burner Naoise had bought in China and placed it on the dresser. It was his after all, so I felt he should have it.

Decorating takes me a long time, and I don’t like to rush through too many jobs at once, so Daniel spent the rest of the day making sketches. Since he had no painting skill before he started, his profession performance filled up very quickly.

Muriel held her first bake sale. I forgot to check the baking report, but it still went very well. I am using Cinderellimouse’s Better Bake Sale Mod, which no doubt contributed to the success.

Daniel’s next job was for Caroline Alto, a sim I’d moved from Sunset Valley (along with a few other more familiar faces).

Caroline is percetive and artistic like Daniel, and there was an immediate connection between them. Unfortunately I think she might be evil, because in between giving Daniel flowers and complimenting his appearance, she kept scaring him and then cackling to herself about it.

After he’d completed the job, Daniel took Caroline out for dinner.

Romance was blossoming for Sonia too, with childhood friend Ra’ed. She asked him to be her boyfriend and he said yes.

Muriel had another bake sale. This time she read the baking report beforehand, and was able to set her prices to reflect the current popularity of different flavours.

Calvinotep’s wife Cristy offered Daniel a job.

Since he’d reached level five of the profession, he was able to measure the property before beginning the renovation.

Because Emily is a party animal and Calvinotep loves the outdoors, I added a bar and plenty of new windows in addition to the objects she’d requested.

Cristy liked the renovation and headed straight for the bar.

Maria and Manon came over and waited with Daniel for Calvinotep to return home and have dinner with them at his new dining table.

Sonia invented the floor hygienator. I want her to make as many of these as possible, in order to complete the Master Inventor challenge. Floor hygienators are really wonderful mood boosters, but before that challenge has been completed they can be unreliable and make sims feel sick.

Muriel and Salome had a birthday party.

At the party, Daniel showed his mum the progress he’d made with his portfolio.

Maria’s sister Breda asked her to move in with her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an inactive sim do this before. Since the house was feeling a little crowded, I accepted, and had Maria take Manon, Salome, and Victor with her.


12 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 2.1

  1. I so love the house you built! It’s super cool! And I think you are doing very well with the Ambitions category…I’ve dabbled with it but never really got super engrossed. I think it’s because I always have too many characters on the go at once! Even though they are set on high will they still need guidance! I’m not doing a very good job of keeping all the families straight but that’s fine because I’m enjoying the stories so much that it doesn’t matter. Are you using any mods with Ambitions to help improve it? Just wondered because when I tried the architect career there was nothing about taking measurements etc. But that may well be because I didn’t do more than the basics with it. Anyway I wanted to let you know that I have a lot of interest in your Ambitions challenge! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much 🙂 The house took several failed attempts! I really wanted to build for this location, but it’s only a 40×40, which is quite a tight squeeze for a large family, especially since you can’t really use the lowest level because there’s fog everywhere.

      Yeah, I’m not crazy about the Ambitions professions either. I don’t mind the stylist one, but the others I wouldn’t ever play in my main legacy. The architect one is probably my worst, for reasons I explained in the post, but I also really don’t care for the PI one because if I remember correctly you end up doing the same few cases over and over again, and you really have to babysit your sim; you can’t even briefly click onto a different household member once you’ve instructed them to do something without the action cancelling out. I do enjoy playing this generation’s sims, and it’s interesting to revist a classic EP I don’t use much, but I won’t a sad when it’s time to move on to Late Night.

      The measure property gets unlocked at level five of the architect profession. I’m not using any mods specifically related to the Ambitions professions, but for this generation I did install mods to ravamp the bake sale and laundry system, in addition to my usual collection.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂


  2. It’s really good to see you playing in Twinbrook – I used to love playing there but at some point (maybe Pets?) it became really glitchy in my game, as did Bridgeport. So it’s really nice to take another look at the neighbourhood in your hands – I forgot how beautiful the swamp was! Especially the views from Calvinotep and Cristy’s house, it looks completely stunning.
    And speaking of stunning – Calvinotep did very well for himself, Cristy looks like a supermodel!
    Great to see the progress the rest of the family are making as well – I’ll keep tuned to see how Muriel gets along with the consignment store. I’ve also never used it, so it will be good to see it in action!

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    • I’m really glad you’re enjoying the updates! Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment 🙂

      That’s interesting; Twinbrook’s been very laggy for me too, like almost Isla Paradiso-level laggy. I wonder if maybe the terrain isn’t very wild animal-friendly, if your problems did start with Pets? If strays are getting stuck, that could cause problems. I’m also wondering whether Seasons and IP routing changes might be another factor, since I’ve noticed several abandoned water taxis about town, and one of my sims likes to swim for hours to get to the other side of the river instead of just driving over the bridge.

      I love the swamp too! It just feel so atmospheric 🙂 Haha, glad you like Cristy! She was one of those 0-slider NPCs that I made some facial changes to, but keeping her colouring and body type. I have a real soft spot for Calinvotep, so I’m glad he found some happiness in his love life. He’s doing pretty well at work too: last I checked he was at level eight of the medical career!

      The consigment store is definitely my favourite discovery from this generation. The profits are huge, and it’s so nice to have the process of selling my sims’ creations actually form part of the gameplay rather than just deleting it from the inventory.


  3. Yay was looking forward to this chapter, kind of surprised you opted for your least favorite career. I bailed on that career as well pretty early so I know how you feel. I actually really like the ghost hunting career (seems less buggy than some of the others) So glad you enjoy the consignment store now, it really does provide good profits. The sims for this generation are very nice looking, Sonia’s hair really suits her face. 🙂 Another fun home build as usual and its nice to see Twinbrook again. The lighting mod your using really adds to the look of the town. I haven’t played there in a few years so never noticed if it was laggy. Does it start right away or after a few days of play?

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    • It’s a strange choice, I know! The reasoning behind it was that I hadn’t played this career since Ambitions was released, and I’m never going to play it in my main legacy, so this was probably the only opportunity I’ll have to give it another chance. It does have some nice aspects. I was so happy Daniels’ first job was for Naoise and Jules, and I love that you can place (and later in the career be rewarded for placing) special objects from the family inventory, but for me the bad still outweighs the good.

      I’m glad you enjoy the ghost hunting 🙂 I could probably take it or leave it. I’ve had a few bugs with the little window that counts how many ghosts you’ve caught during each job, but nothing feature-breaking. I guess I just find it a little repetitive, but having Sonia work only a couple of nights a week has enabled me to strike a nice balance for her between ghost hunting, inventing, and her personal life. Most of her promotions have just come from leveling up her logic skill. Like you said before, it’s nice that you can take this profession at your own pace.

      Oh I LOVE the consignment store, although I’m pretty sure your amazing decorating skills are a large part of that. I’m going to try and find space for it when we move for Bridegport I think.

      The lag only began after maybe about fifteen days of play; I remember feeling it started really suddenly though. I’ve had no crashes; the game just briefly freezes up like every twenty seconds. That and my lukewarm feelings about Ambitions probably mean this will be quite a short generation.


  4. Wow a lot to unpack with this one. First Calvinotep, is still with the family in Twinbrook? I hope the swap doesn’t give him trouble with his limited mobility.
    I still haven’t tried the architect career, but it sounds like a mess the way you describe it before you begin. Daniel seems to be having good luck with the assignments so far.
    Thanks for linking the baking mod, I will try it out next time I play. Nraas Consigner really makes a difference, so I’m sure the bakesale mod will be great too.
    I love placing the floor hygienators in homes with toddlers, the nausea debuff seems pretty rare. I think inventing is pretty fun even if I’ve seen all there is invention-wise. But I enjoyed ITF for what it is, even though it’s not my typical gameplay style.
    I hope Caroline isn’t evil, she’s pretty (but so is pretty much everyone in your game so I guess that’s not noteworthy.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I brought him over, but in his own household! He made me laugh so much I didn’t want to get rid of him.

      The architect career is not great. They have made a good start with trying to gamify it by making sims with different traits have different things they like, but it just feels like it hasn’t been tested properly all the way through. The wiki has a useful guide if you are ever interested: https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Game_guide:Architectural_Designer_scoring

      Glad you are enjoying Consigner 🙂 That’s the one that lets you consign a wider variety of things, right? It’s one of a few Nraas mods I don’t have.

      Useful to know the nausea buff is rare 🙂 I try to get the ‘Master Inventor’ challenge completed, just to eliminate it entirely. It’s great to stack 3 different ones under cribs, beds, and workout machines to get cleaned and also the various moodlets.

      I agree with you about ITF, now having played it through myself. I especially like the bots actually, and am looking forward to introducing them to Moonlight Falls when I get the right sim.


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