EP Legacy Gameplay 2.2

I bought the family a washing machine and clothes line. I am using Nona’s Super Hamper to save me from having to put laundry baskets all over the house.

Sadly, Manon passed away.

Muriel had her first try at sculpting.

I also bought her the glass blowing station from The Sims 3 Store. She won’t be able to consign her glass ornaments, but they will make nice decorations for the family home and for the homes of Daniel’s clients.

Finally, because Muriel is eco-friendly and doesn’t like to take taxis on her own, I bought her a new bike.

I replaced the Twinbrook Buy and Bargain with Catdog123’s makeover. If you’re looking for a consignment store for your town, or just want to see a seriously inspiring build, I really recommend checking out this gorgeously detailed, immersive, and creative lot!

I had Muriel leave one of the Eyes of Horus in the store, so that she will be able to teleport there quickly.

Sonia had a birthday party.

She signed up for the ghost hunter profession, and completed her first job.

Now that she’s an adult, Sonia can detonate piles of junk. She uses the harvester she invented to collect the pieces of scrap that get scattered about by the explosion.

She’s also been getting great use out of another of her inventions, the miner.

When she drilled outside the police station, a prisoner used the hole to escape!

Having reached level eight of the architect profession, Daniel was now able to ‘discuss renovation’ with clients to find out their traits.

Unfortunately a lot of the time they are out, so you have to fulfil the minimum requirements for the job in build mode, then call them tell them its complete, then cancel that and discuss the renovation instead, then go back into build mode to add trait-related items, and finally turn the renovation in, but that’s all kind of a bother, so I’ve just been cheating and using Master Controller to look at their traits before beginning.

Daniel was in the middle of a job when I got a notification that his girlfriend Caroline had just given birth to twin girls! I didn’t even know she was pregnant, but the babies are definitely his.

He went to meet his daughters, Nora and Vanessa Alto-Borges, at Caroline’s house. I made Nora artistic and a virtuoso, and Vanessa artistic and excitable. Nora likes red, goopy carbonara, and classical music, whille Vanessa likes yellow, hot dogs, and electronica.

14 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 2.2

  1. Thanks for the update! So Daniel was having quite the relationship with his girlfriend and is now the father of twins! When you use Master Controller does that mean that you can’t stop the Sims from aging up normally? I’m having so much fun with some of the creations I’ve made that I don’t want them to grow old and die before I’m finished having fun with them! I had someone try to increase the room I have on my hard drive and in so doing they got rid of Origin. I discovered that my panic about running out of space was because of the amount of memory that Origin uses. Am thinking though that without it I can’t access the store or do updates, I only have one more of them to do and then they’ll be complete. Is it true that I need Origin to do the above? Thanks, I know I’m off topic here but you are so good about explaining things and it’s so very helpful. Have a wonderful day…

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    • They went on a couple of dates and woohooed once. I use Nraas Woohooer to set the chance of pregnancy from woohoo to 5%. (I feel like I’m saying woohoo too many times…). Since they hadn’t been together long I hadn’t taken that many pictures yet. I didn’t expect her to get pregnant so quickly! But Nora and Vanessa are both adorable, and I’m glad they’re part of the family 🙂

      I don’t believe Master Controller has any impact on aging – certainly not in the default settings, anyway. However, Nraas Debug Enabler can be used to toggle aging on/off manually for individual sims, and Nraas Story Progression allows to you set in the options which households, groups, and/or individual sims you want (or don’t want) to age. Some people use Nraas Story Progression to play with TS2-style aging, where only the active household ages, or to make all vampires immortal.

      I’m sorry about your Origin troubles! That thing is an absolute nightmare. I’m fairly sure older versions of the game don’t require Origin to be installed for the game to run, whereas newer versions do, but I’m don’t know what the cut-off date was. I’m not sure about the store or patches. I’ve never had to log into Origin to do anything related to TS3 apart from download it (I had to download it because I have a digital copy), but I can only speak for my own game. I wish I could be of more help, but I try to have as little to do with Origin as possible. Someone in technical at the officials would probably be able to give you a good answer though. Best of luck!

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  2. I really do love how varied the different skills are that artistic and creative Sims can try out. I’ve only recently got into the Sculpting skill, and I really love it! I’ve often been tempted by the glass-blowing station but I haven’t actually bought it yet. It does seem like a really nice addition to a creative Sim’s repertoire.
    Love Daniel’s surprised expression – the twins were a bit of a shock then! They look adorable.

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    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the sculpting skill; for me it’s by far the best thing about Ambitions. I love that Muriel can make unique pieces for the house, and I look forward to seeing them passed down through the generations. Let me know how you enjoy the glass blowing station if you do decide to get it!

      The twins were definitely a shock – for me as well! He pulled that face just as I was reading the notification, and it made me chuckle so I took a picture.

      Happy Simming!


  3. Another great chapter, as usual I love the pictures. That looks like a very successful party which can be a bit dodgy in the sims sometimes. Sad to hear that Manon passed away. 😦 Sonia is a very pretty sim as an adult. Twins are always pretty surprising, they always seem to happen for me whenever i really really don’t have the space or spent a lot of money on a nice nursery and then find out I have to edit it to make room for another crib.

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    • Do you parties not normally successful? What goes wrong?

      Yes, twins can definitely a surprise, particularly when you didn’t even know their mother was pregnant, haha!

      Thanks again for your kind words xx


  4. Thanks for writing back to me. I purchased all the Sims 3 games in cd form as I really like to have the original in case something happens. Too bad I can’t do the same with the Store Worlds. I’ll see what I can do, have still been kind of reluctant to do the mods thing, afraid I’ll do something wrong…lol But at some point I might be brave enough to try. Most of the houses and sims that I’ve I’ve downloaded but not installed tell me that there are things that will have to be replaced, wondering if it’s the mods having to do with the skins and hair etc. Not to worry about being able to solve my problems, I’m enjoying your stories so much that it makes me forget about what’s happening here!

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    • You’re welcome! It’s always nice to hear from you 🙂

      You shouldn’t feel pressured to install any mods if you’re happy with your game the way it is. I think I said before, if you do decide you want some, start slow at first – install just a couple and see you get on with them, making sure to back up anything that’s important to you beforehand.

      If it’s the launcher giving you that message, it’s quite likely that the message is about store content you don’t have. Annoyingly, the list the exchange generates is almost never complete.


  5. Well they don’t run poorly poorly per say just sometimes npcs really really don’t do what you want them to do. Like one sim will decide he or she doesn’t want to eat with the rest of the group and opts to eat outside even though there is plenty of room at the table everyone else is eating at. My bigger issue is npc run parties. I am playing Athena and Eddy in university. If you remember them from those theme contests you used to have.Anyway they went to a keg party with no keg and it made me role my eyes. 😛 Then everyone got bored and went home and it started raining while they were running back to the dorms. That party aside I am really enjoying playing them together poor Eddy has been a test sim for years but he finally has a life and a girlfriend. 🙂

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    • Urgh, NPC parties are absolutely terrible. I completely agree with you there! Ooh, have have you ever had a swimwear party where there’s no pool? That one always creeps me out! When my sims go to a friend’s party, I usually try to invite over extra guests, and take some high quality food and nectar; basically I take over the hosting duties.

      It’s so nice that your tester sim is getting to have a bit of fun! That’s actually how my main legacy began. My simself had been testing builds for me for years, and then when IP was released I decided actually to play her for a little while. Do you feel a special connection to Eddie since he’s been with you for so long?

      University is lots of fun! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

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  6. Ya I am almost as attached to him as I am with Tora. I also really like Athena, whenever I play as either Eddy or Athena they make me happy and when I did that photo shoot for the fireworks themed clothes I noticed that they look good together and they are both special sims to me so making them a couple just made sense. They will be getting married after they graduate actually. That horrible party had a happy result though that was the night they fell in love.

    LOL yep I have had those creepy pool free swimwear parties. The keg party was a formal keg party by the way that made me lol a bit as I was picturing Athena doing a keg stand in her formal dress. 😛

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    • Those fireworks clothes were so great!

      Keg stands in formalwear are probably a fairly accurate reflection of university, at least how it is here! You get dressed up in fancy clothes for balls and ceremonial dinners and then end up doing rather undignified things in them, lol 🙂


  7. Wow Sonia is clever, combining the harvester with denotation. It made for really dramatic pictures too. What a surprise with the twins. Daniel seems to have jumped right in with them, very lovely pictures of him with them.

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