EP Legacy Gameplay 2.3

I decided to move Caroline and her daughters in to the legacy household. Welcome home Nora and Vanessa!

Daniel invited his mum over to meet her granddaughters.

Caroline was working in the criminal career, but I had her join the detective profession instead. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the opportunities it will afford her to beat sims up and break into their homes.

Muriel continued to work on her sculpting skill.

Sonia was called upon to handle a poltergeist invasion at Calvinotep’s house.

Naoise asked Daniel to make a new study for him.

The renovation went very badly. At first, Naoise wouldn’t even let Daniel turn it in, complaining that he couldn’t ‘live in squalor’. It turned out that this was because there weren’t enough beds on the lot for the number of sims living there (Naoise, Jules, and their son Cosme), which really wasn’t my fault because I hadn’t deleted any beds and Daniel hadn’t been asked to add any. There was no space on the lot to expand the house, so I just had to delete the family’s washer and drier and shove a single bed in the tiny laundry room; this enabled Daniel to turn his work in finally, but, thanks to his apparently having ‘cluttered things up quite a bit’, left him with a negative review.

He went home and spent the rest of the day playing with his daughters.

Sonia’s boyfriend Ra’ed moved in. I got him a job in the medical career.

When I checked Ra’ed’s inventory, I saw he still had the yellow diamond Sonia had given him in Egypt when they were both children. I put it on display in their bedroom.

Daniel and Sonia’s dad and Muriel’s mum both passed away. Daniel, Sonia, and Ra’ed paid their respects at Jason’s grave, while Caroline stood around looking kind of bored.

I laid Maria to rest next to Manon.

Muriel and her sister Salome comforted one another.

Ra’ed helped out at a vaccination clinic, Caroline conducted a stakeout, and Sonia stopped an angry ghost invasion.

Muriel became a young adult.

I was quite keen to have Sonia create a plumbot, but I had too many sims in the household for the opportunity to appear on its own, so I used Debug Enabler to initiate it. Her first task was to find some palladium, which she already had to hand from digging holes around town with the miner. The next part – getting ten life fruits – was trickier. She did have a collection helper in her inventory though, which she was able to use to locate six special seeds. Let’s hope that a life fruit plant grows from at least one of them.

Daniel wished to marry Caroline. This woman is horrible but I suppose they really love each other.

They had a private ceremony on the front porch.

6 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 2.3

  1. Hmm will be interesting to see Daniel and Caroline’s married life. More great pictures as usual, liking Sonia’s action shots as a ghost hunter and the angle of the proposal picture. I am sorry Naoise didn’t like the end results of the makeover. I really need to give that career another chance as well. Think I will opt for a town with homes I haven’t customized though. I hate destroying my work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s definitely a good plan! It would be so annoying to have to get rid of rooms you’d put such time and care into decoration for the sake of yet another gym or reading room, especially since there’s a chance the client won’t even like what you do. I’ve done about 15 renovations so far: 2 have been great, 3 have been bad, 2 have been neutral, and the rest have been good. The LTW requires 100 great renovations, so, with my tally currently at 2/100, there’s no way I’m completing that one!


  2. Live in squalor is pretty harsh, I would take it personally too if it were in a home I’d redone. The steakouts are so cute, I like the bush hat. Caroline does seem awful, but Daniel seems happy to have the girls so I wish them well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, stuff like that makes you not want to put much effort into making the renovation look nice, because you might just have to change it all if you suddenly have to put in a bunch of extra beds, or move something that is apparently unroutable (even though it isn’t).
      I do like the animations for the stakeout. I should give the investigator profession another go, perhaps in a fresh neighbourhood with no returning sims, where I won’t get annoyed about them acting ‘out of character’.


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