EP Legacy Gameplay 2.4

Daniel and Caroline had a third child together. I called him Emmanuel and gave him the easily impressed and heavy sleeper traits. He’ll be the final heir for the next generation. His favourites are blue, ratatouille, and hip hop.

Daniel continued to be completely oblivious to what a nasty person his wife is. Here she is scaring poor Nora.

By this time, she had a negative relationship with everyone in the household apart from Daniel and Ra’ed. Since she and Ra’ed both need the logic skill for work, they play a lot of chess together, which takes her mind off scaring and insulting people for a while.

Muriel began dating Kristjana’s son Jamison, who shares the eco-friendly trait with her.

The twins had a birthday party. Nora is now a virtuoso, artistic, a great kisser, and over-emotional; her sister is a bookworm, artistic, excitable, and a workaholic.

Their parents gave Nora a guitar and Vanessa a pile of books, Muriel gave them both some perfume, and their Auntie Sonia gave them each a beautiful gem of their favourite colour – a ruby for Nora and citrine for Vanessa.

Vanessa made friends with fellow art-lover Leigh, her second cousin once removed.

Muriel’s sculpting was going very well. I think the topiaries might be my favourite: they are just so cute, and I like using them in Daniel’s renovations.

She sells those he doesn’t use at the consignment store, where she now has an ‘impressive’ reputation and makes a huge amount of money, often over 10,000 simoleons a day.

Emmanuel grew up, and honoured the business theme of this generation by opening his own juice stand.

He didn’t seem to be getting any customers, so I sent Nora over to buy some of his limeade. She got two nice little moodlets from it.

Muriel became pregnant with her and Jamison’s first child.

A couple of days later, she discovered Salome was also expecting a baby. What a lovely coincidence.

Muriel gave birth to Lino Finnursdottir-Godard (pronounced LEE-no, not like the floor covering!). Lino rolled the brave and genius traits, and the favourites green, veggie burger, and spooky music. He also has the hidden French culture trait from his mum.

2 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 2.4

  1. Hmm that’s always fun Muriel and Salome’s babies can grow up together. 🙂
    Lovely pictures as always, love seeing updates from your game play. I didn’t know you could make limeade at the lemonade stand. I have placed it on some lots but haven’t had my sim kids use it that much. Its amazing how much money you are making at the consignment store. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I look forward to that!

      I think you can use any fruit at the lemonade stand. The juice he made with limes was actually called limeade and came out green, which I thought was fun. I’ll have to experiment with other fruits!

      Oh, the consignment store profits are crazy! I usually just have one painting and one sculpture a day to put in, but they sell for X4 their original price.

      Happy Simming, and thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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