EP Legacy Gameplay 3.1

If you’ve been following the comments, you’ll know that I’ve really been looking forward to this generation. Late Night’s packed full of exciting new content, and the most of its annoying balancing issues can be fixed with mods or worked around.

For this generation only, I’ve turned celebrities on. However, just as a personal preference, I’ve deleted all of the VIP entrance barriers, so celebrity status won’t play a part in getting into venues.

The heirs this generation are twin sisters Nora and Vanessa and their younger brother Emmanuel. Their family name is Alto-Borges. Nora is a virtuoso, artistic, a great kisser, over-emotional, and has commitment issues. She’ll be self-employed in the band career and her lifetime wish is to master all four instruments.

Vanessa is a bookworm, artistic, excitable, a workaholic, and has star quality. She will be entering the director branch of the film career, and wants to become a five star celebrity.

Emmanuel is a natural cook, shy, a heavy sleeper, and has a good sense of humour. I had planned to give him the flirty trait when he ages up, but I’ve just found out it conflicts with shy; I think I’ll give him easily impressed instead. Emmanuel hopes to master the mixology skill and run his own bar.

Nora, Vanessa, and Emmanuel live with their dad Daniel, his cousin Muriel, her husband Jamison, and their son Lino. Daniel and Caroline’s relationship did not survive the move to Bridgeport; I like to imagine she’s still in Twinbrook, controlling the criminal underworld and scaring other people’s children. I kept Muriel and her family around because I was having so much fun with her sculpting, and because I thought it might be nice for Emmanuel to have someone his own age in the household. Daniel still collects his weekly architect’s stipend, Jamison is a high school principal, and Muriel is self-employed as a sculptor.

The family spent their first morning in Bridgeport settling into their new home. Muriel started a little indoor garden next to her bedroom, and her son headed to the beach for a spot of fishing.

Vanessa read the paper to find out what the evening’s hot spots would be.

The Banzai Lounge was looked like the best option. When 2pm arrived she and Nora went to check it out. The blew some pineapple bubbles from the machine while they waited for some more sims to arrive.

Vanessa made her first order at the bar. It was just a ‘regular drink’ but it looked pretty fancy to me!

I wanted Emmanuel and Lino to feel rested for their first day of school in the morning, so they stayed in with their parents. Emmanuel cooked goopy carbonara for everyone.

After dinner, Emmanuel tested out his mixology skills on Lino, while Muriel and Jamison enjoyed an early night in their new bed.

Back at the Banzai Lounge, Nora was jamming with Shirin’s grandson Diego.

In the bathroom, Vanessa ran into five-star celebrity Lola Belle. At first Lola was not amused by the intrusion.

But Vanessa eventually managed to impress her by rather shamelessly boasting about the family’s immense wealth. A few hours later, she and Lola had become good friends, and Vanessa had earned her first celebrity star.

The next evening’s hot spot was The Brightmore. Nora drove over there quite early, and had a little dance while she waited for her sister to get out of work.

Vanessa arrived around 8pm with her new friend in tow. Since Lola has the virtuoso trait, I thought that it might be a good move to recruit her for Nora’s band. Vanessa headed straight for the bar to sample a ‘Crazed Revelry’, which temporarily gave her the daredevil trait. She spent a couple of hours trying to get everyone’s attention by eating dirt from the floor, before ending up skinny dipping in the hot tub with three sims she didn’t know.

Nora was able to impress Lola quite easily by talking up her guitar skill and wealth, and by dropping her now famous twin sister’s name. They made friends, but Lola refused to join the band because Nora wasn’t famous enough.

The next day Nora came across high school friend (and second cousin once removed) Gillian at Waylon’s Haunt. Gillian is currently working as a school teacher, doesn’t have the virtuoso trait, doesn’t play an instrument, and isn’t a celebrity, but was very happy to join Nora’s band. I’m sure she’ll pick up the skills she needs when they practice together, and I liked the idea of Nora pursuing her dreams alongside someone she’s know for so long.

I have the icarus_allsorts’ Audtion for Band Gigs installed, which allowed to Nora and Gillian to audtion for their first gig right there at Waylon’s Haunt, as though it were a Showtime Venue. Gillian went for the drums, so I guess that will be her instrument. The bartender was impressed, and they secured a gig for the next day.

Emmanuel and Lino had both met a boy called Bronson at school that morning. When they got out, I had them all go to the movies together to see an indie film.

Bronson had to go home straight after the film, but Nora invited Gillian back to the house for dinner with the family. It was goopy carbonara again; Emmanuel doesn’t know how to make much else yet.

After dinner, Nora and Gillian practiced for their gig.

Their big day got off to a rather dramatic start when Muriel set herself on fire trying to make a metal sculpture. Fortunately Daniel was able to put her out in time. Without claudiasharon’s Faster Elevators mod, I doubt he’d have made it!

Everyone was able to come and support Nora and Gillian at Waylon’s Haunt.

11 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 3.1

  1. What a fun chapter. Lola is so pretty in her game she looks great in that hair style. Am liking the clothes and your lighting mod makes Bridgeport look like a different city. Its so bright and cheerful. I actually don’t mind the dreary look but its a nice change.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I really like that hair style from the store. I just shrunk her eyes, widened her nose bridge (I seem to have to do both of these with all BP sims!), and distributed her features a bit more evenly. I loved that striking white hair she originally had, but I coudn’t get it to look right with her face shape.

      You know, I totally forgot about my lighting mod! I was going to change it for a moodier, more silvery one I’ve used for BP before, but it just slipped my mind. Still, I’m really glad you like the sunnier version 😉 I think I’ll just keep it now for continuity (and because I’m lazy).


  2. Yea the beginning of Night Life has arrived! I’m really cheering for the Band and hope they make it big time! Lola will want to join up after all once they become more famous. Wonder if they’ll have room for her then? Looking forward to more…happy with the family members that are together and thank goodness Daniel and Caroline ended their relationship, didn’t like her at all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you – me too! I haven’t played with a band in such a long time that it took me a few minutes of googling and clicking about randomly on my screen to figure out how to form one. Yes, perhaps Lola will reconsider when Nora’s gained a few more celebrity stars. The option to ask her seems to have vanished though, at least for now, so perhaps you can only ask one time? Or maybe there’s just a cool down period. I guess we’ll find out!


  3. Loving this generation already! The apartment looks gorgeous – Muriel’s indoor garden is so pretty and such a good idea. Once of my main objections to Bridgeport is that apartment-living means very little or no outdoor space for a garden, but you might have converted me! With enough space indoors and the floor-to-ceiling windows an indoor garden can really work.
    Love what you’ve done with everyone’s outfits. I always loved the clothing options from Late Night.
    The bands feature is something I’ve never really played much with myself, and I might have to take another look now that I’ve seen how much fun it can be! I remember getting pretty disheartened when trying to start out and nobody would join the band! I think it’s lovely that Nora and Gillian will be climbing the ladder together.
    My other main objection to apartment life in Bridgeport is how long the elevators take – that mod must really take the pain out of it for you (and Muriel!).


  4. Thank you! I originally wanted to have the garden on a balcony, but the only shell that has one wouldn’t have had enough space for all the bedrooms I needed, even building it from scratch. I think the indoor one turned out okay though. I do love those ITF glass windows!

    Glad you like the outfits. I agree LN has some really nice stuff 🙂

    I hope you enjoy exploring the band feature if you do decide to give it ago! The easiest way to do it is probably to have all the band members in the same household, but for this legacy I wanted all the heirs to have their own thing going on. Nora often has to wait for a long time for the other band members to show up, and she’s almost missed one gig because Gillian didn’t get out of work in time. Oh, and icarus_allsorts’ mod (http://modthesims.info/d/532058) is pretty much a must if you want more than a couple of gigs in your sim’s lifetime.

    I know what you mean about the elevators! Even though the mod I’m using makes them move much faster, they’re still a bit of a headache. I’ve placed a row of three, but my sims often all try to use the same one and then get stuck. I can imagine it would be even worse if on top of that the elevators were moving at their usual glacial pace.


  5. Not really surprised Caroline didn’t make the move, but I did get a chuckle out of the idea of her preferring to stay behind and scare other people’s children now that her own are older. It looks like this generation is settling right in, and already enjoying the nightlife. Of course Bridgeport looks better than I’ve ever seen it in your game. Muriel’s garden looks great, bringing along a topiary was a nice touch.

    Liked by 1 person

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