EP Legacy Gameplay 3.2

Sonia and Ra’ed had a second child together, a boy called Zachery. Daniel went round to say hello to his new nephew.

He doesn’t usually accept architect jobs these days, but when I saw Ra’ed wanted some new windows and lights added, and had a budget of 50,000 simoleons  I thought it might be a good opportunity to add extra rooms for baby Zachery and his big brother Adam, as their house only had one bedroom.

Nora and Gillian auditioned for a gig at Eugi’s, but were told they weren’t quite up to standard yet.

Emmanuel stayed close to the bar, trying to learn some of the venue’s drink recipes.

Lino hung out with his cousin Alain. Alain is Salome’s son, the one born around the same time as Lino.

Vanessa’s film career was going very well. Since she had met all of co-workers, I decided to have her throw a little party for them at Aquarius.

One of the drinks she ordered must have been a crazy one, because she suddenly had the party animal trait and the option to dance on counters.

Nora came along to the party too. She spent most of the evening dancing with fellow commitment-phobe Matthew Hamming.

Emmanuel had a crush on one of his school friends, Lisa King. They share a sense of humour and are always making one another laugh. When her part time job at the spa had finished for the day, he got called her over to The Prosper Room for some drinks and dancing.

My game keeps putting all the club workers in the weirdest outfits! I think they’re from Showtime. Seriously, every single mixologist and pianist is wearing stuff like this before I restyle them.

Nora and Gillian were joined in their evening jam session by Gillian’s sister Leigh on guitar.

Just as I was about to have Nora ask Leigh to join her band, she got distracted by Matthew.

Emmanuel and Lisa went on another outing the next day, this time to the beach. He grilled them some hot dogs and gave her a bunch of flowers.

When it got dark, he walked her back to her house, where they shared their first kiss.

Meanwhile, his sisters’ evenings were just beginning. Nora and Gillian had another try at the Eugi’s audition, and this time were able to secure a gig for the next day.

Vanessa met up-and-coming artist Harry Marks. It turns out they share the artistic and bookworm traits, and his schmoozer trait fits in quite well with her wish to become rich and famous.

They moved their conversation upstairs into the relative privacy of the lobby area. I think Vanessa really likes this guy.

The next day was Daniel’s birthday. Stupidly I’d scheduled his party to start half way through Vanessa’s gig at Eugi’s, but she and Gillian were able to make it back home just in time to watch her dad age up. It was really nice to see Sonja, Ra’ed, Rene, and Salome all show up to celebrate with him too.

At the party, Nora finally asked Leigh to join her band, much to Leigh’s excitement.

Emmanuel created a special drink to commemorate his dad’s birthday. I wanted to use the ‘name drink after…’ social interaction, but I couldn’t find it. Perhaps it isn’t available for teenagers, or he needs a higher mixology skill level. I guess I’ll be able to let you know once he’s aged up and maxed out the skill! [Update: It requires mixology level 10.]

Vanessa and Harry found a quiet moment to sneak away to one of the elevators.

10 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 3.2

  1. Vanessa and Harry look so great together!!! I hope she succeeds in becoming rich and famous! They do seem to be made for each other, will be watching to see how it all turns out! Really liking the Bridgeport scene…dancing, gigs and crazy bartender outfits…lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vanessa’s party looks like it was a real success – I love the ‘dance on counter’ animation! I have often given sims the Party Animal trait solely for this purpose!
    Looks like you’ve found some good matches for everyone. Vanessa’s arched eyebrow says she agrees! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am behind, two new chapters already. Looking forward to seeing the band perform more. I am liking the makeovers of the Bridgeport sims. The couples forming in this chapter are really cute. I am really loving Vanessa’s yellow outfits they really suit her. The party looked like it was really successful and loads of fun. Had a fun keg party in game the other day that went pretty well even though the idea of it was creepy. Had the swimwear dress code but no pool and it was winter.

    I think the performer attire is due to the pc putting them in two different careers. Think register may be to blame for that, one of my firefighters only sees his coworkers sometimes due to them also being entertainers and they bail like halfway through the work day. It seems to happen less If I put a few npcs with the performer careers in the town before playing. An issue I have been having is sims wearing their everyday wear sometimes at their work stations rather than the venue’s uniform and you know how lovely the PC styles sims. >_>

    Anyway off to read the next chapter! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, I’ve been updating pretty frequently! There will be one more later this evening. Decorating the apartment (and now a few venues as well) is keeping my builder’s itch scratched, so it might not be until the end of this generation that I return to BB.

      Oh no, your poor sims and the creepy party invitations they get! I’m glad it turned out okay though. You could just pretend that everyone got so drunk they didn’t notice the cold.

      Ah, really interesting information regarding register; thanks very much. I’ll check their careers next time I’m in game, but I bet that’s what it is. Even after I’ve changed them into something else, the next time I see them they’re in ST stuff again, which would suggest that they are working one of those professions on the side, and that it’s not just a random outfit assignment.

      That’s funny about the everyday wear to work. I actually have the opposite problem: all my inactive sims like to show up to the clubs in their career outfits, so the dance floor is usually full of sims in lab coats, police uniforms, etc. It looks like some kind of stripper convention.


  4. Vanessa and Harry are a lovely couple. Emmanuel and Lisa too, childhood simmaces are sweet. It’s adorable when sims grow up with potential suitors. Those outfits are the male equivalent to the cupcake bra and opera gloves the my townie’s vendors are always showing up in. I wonder if the sillier outfits are more heavily weighted when the clothing is randomized, I think I see them in KPST clothes the most often. I’m glad the girls were given a second chance at the gig, it’s a shame it was during the birthday party. It was nice of their mummy friend to show up at Eugi’s to support them. I want a 50,000 budget to redo some lamps, that’s awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, oh no, not KPST! I haven’t noticed that one so much, but it would be very unwelcome. Not sure why I even bought that pack. Tora suggested above that the ST outfits may be to do with the game also assigning ST professions to sims serving as mixologists, which seems plausible to me.

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