EP Legacy Gameplay 3.3

The family’s indoor garden was coming along very nicely. I put Jamison in charge of its upkeep to give his wife more time to work on her sculpting.

Vanessa won an award for her directing. She put it on her dresser next to the citrine her aunt had given her.

Nora got an opportunity to order a drink at Plasma 501, which worked out well because none of my sims had visited there yet and it was one of the day’s hot spots.

Leigh, Gillian, and she worked on their act.

When Emmanuel’s birthday arrived, I had him rent out Eugi’s for the occasion. This is my favourite venue we’ve visited so far I think; I enjoy the relaxed vibe it has and the stage lighting looks so pretty. I also really like that everything is contained in one room, as it can be difficult to keep inactive sims doing what you went when they’re always running off to different floors. Lots of friends and family members showed up to celebrate with Emmanuel.

His birthday present was his very own venue, but it’s not quite ready to be opened yet. In the mean time, he stepped behind the bar at Eugi’s. I had a few issues with him wandering off every now and then, but he was able to make some tips and learn one more drink recipe.

Nora’s band entertained the guests.

Just before closing time, when only a few sims were left, Nora practiced her drumming. This is her weakest instrument at the moment, and she doesn’t have a drum kit at home.

The next night she was back on the bass, jamming at Plasma 501 with Gillian, Leigh, and – at last -Lola. I suppose she must think we’re famous enough to be seen with her now because she agreed to join the band.

Vanessa had a quieter evening, enjoying a romantic meal at the bistro with Harry.

Daniel got another offer of work from Ra’ed, this time to install two single beds and a few other bits and pieces. Zachery will soon outgrow his crib, and I did a pretty lazy job with Adam’s bedroom last time, so I decided to go ahead and accept the assignment.

Ra’ed and Sonia remain very much in love. Daniel politely went about his work while they flirted and made out.

Daniel converted the garage into a twin bedroom for the boys.

Ra’ed really loved what he did! In fact, he said he never wanted to leave his house again. He especially liked the desk (perhaps he wants his boys to be workaholics like him!), and for once I didn’t get the ‘you’ve cluttered things up quite a bit’ message. I guess this is what happens when you’re not trying to fit everything the client wants into their tiny shack in Twinbrook.

Muriel went for lunch with Salome.

I sent Nora to spend the afternoon playing for tips in the subway. Because she’s played 48 songs on her guitar, she earns around 500 to 700 simoleons per tip, so in just half a day she was able to make 118,420 simoleons, taking her from level 3 of the band career to level 9!

Emmanuel moonlighted at Aquarius for the first time. This place is always kind of dead for me; even when it’s a hot spot there are usually only about four other sims there. I don’t really have this issue with the other venues, so maybe I just don’t have enough sims in town with the traits (athletic, loves the outdoors, or party animal) that would attract them to a pool club. I sent Vanessa over to give him someone to serve.

She wasn’t very impressed by his efforts. He was at mixology level 8 by this point, but he should probably come back at level 10, and perhaps when he’s also learned some of the club’s unique drink mixes.

When her brother got kicked off the bar, Vanessa went over to Harry’s apartment, where she spent the night.

Story Progression let me know that Salome and her husband Thomas had just had their second child, a daughter called Rebekah. When Salome first became a mother, Muriel herself had just given birth to Lino. I like to leave these things to chance, but when I saw the notification it did remind me that I’d really been routing for Muriel and Jamison to have another baby. By this time, Jamison was 108 days old, and I have my life span set to 105, but my sims to tend to live a little longer, so I hoped they might still have a few days left together. Just as I was thinking about having Jamison retire from his job, the camera panned over to the school. Oh no!

Muriel used the Eyes of Horus to teleport over in time to see her husband pleading with Grim.

She was heartbroken.

To make things worse, the next day was their son’s birthday. Lino had a birthday cake and a small family celebration, but it didn’t feel like the right time for a party. I had planned to move Lino out when he aged up, but I’ll have him stick around until he and his mum have finished mourning.

Everyone was still very sad.

But I couldn’t let Muriel forget that she had a little niece to meet. She went over to the house that Salome, Thomas, and their children share with Muriel and Salome’s brother Victor and his wife Pansy (a one bedroom – I should get Daniel over there asap!), and spent the day with baby Rebekah snuggled up in her arms.

8 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 3.3

  1. Wow, lucky Emmanuel, getting a whole venue for his birthday present!
    Vanessa and Harry seem like a really great couple, very well matched. She has such an expressive face! It reckon it’s all in the eyebrows!
    Playing songs instead of Practicing the guitar skill is definitely the way to go – I’ll have to remember that if I’m taking my Sims to play for tips. What an amazing amount of money Nora made! All in a day as well, very impressive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Performing lots of songs and then playing for tips on the subway is probably the biggest money-maker in the game. Nora’s played the subways about four times now, and in total has earned over a million simoleons. In my opinion it’s overpowered, but the money will be useful for doing up various venues about town.

      Vanessa has the most hilarious facial expressions. It took me a while to warm up to her because her wish to become rich and famous isn’t something I find particularly compelling, but now she’s my favourite because her face (and its expressive eyebrows!) always show you exactly what she’s thinking.


  2. Wow the amount of money Nora made in a day is just amazing. Looks like shes really making some awesome progress in her career. I seem to remember Aquarius always being empty in my game as well. Its a shame really as the club can be pretty fun. Lol I love Vanessa’s reaction to her drink, I doubt that was much of a confidence booster for her brother lol. Great pictures for this chapter always, This part of the story is extra fun as LN is one of my favorites. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m glad Ra’ed liked the makeover. Some sims have no taste, calling your style cluttered. Poor Muriel, it was nice of you to send her to meet Rebekah. Sometimes spending time with a baby is the salve you need for a broken heart. It’s still hard to handle the pace at which sims pass away. I suppose you are over-crowded as it is with all the cousins to keep track of.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The cluttered thing is a pain. They don’t like it if any of the slots on an item are inaccessible, even ones you haven’t put anything in. So they don’t like it, for example, if you put a dresser against a wall (which is exactly where a dresser belongs), because they would not be able to reach the back slots (even though they don’t need to reach the back slots). It’s clearly not been tested extensively enough by people just playing it through normally.

      Liked by 1 person

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