EP Legacy Gameplay 3.4

Lino moved out and Harry moved in. He’ll be working with Vanessa in the film career.

Emmanuel mastered the mixology skill, unlocking the option to name drinks after sims. He was finally able to dedicate that birthday drink he created for his dad to the right person.

He ended his relationship with Lisa. She was keen to settle down and start a family, and that’s just not where he is right now. She was pretty angry; I hope one day they’ll be able to laugh together again like they used to.

Muriel taught her niece Rebekah to walk.

Vanessa and Harry learned they were soon going to become parents.

They threw a party at the prosper lounge, ostensibly to celebrate Vanessa’s pregnancy, but also to allow Harry an to meet his future co-workers and gain some celebrity influence with them.

Ra’ed joined Nora for a jam session. He looked really nervous but his playing sounded fine.

Daniel enjoyed chatting to Lola Belle. They are both artistic and ambitious, so they had a fair amount to say to one another.

Matthew looked very pleased to see Nora again.

I thought they might be able to spend some time together, but Matthew hadn’t been there long when he fled the party, screaming.

Emmanuel met Flo Chique (download my version here), and wished to become a vampire like her.

She asked to go somewhere more private to begin his transformation, so I waited for the sun to start going down then had Emmanuel call her out to the balcony.

Towards the end of the evening, Vanessa went into the labour, which a bystander thought made for the perfect photo opportunity.

Vanessa drove herself into the hospital with Harry in the passenger seat.

A couple of hours later, Caden Alto-Marks was born. He’s only friendly for now; the other traits he’ll be getting aren’t available until later. His favourites are yellow, frogs legs, and R&B. Poor Vanessa looked half asleep as she carried him from the hospital.

Daniel spent some time with Lola. He was already past the 105 days mark, and I wanted him to have a little romance while he still has time.

The household hired a butler, Melissa Bacon. I’ve locked the kitchen to stop her trying to cook all the time the way butlers sometimes do. Her main jobs will be to keep the house clean and look after baby Caden.

Emmanuel bought and made over the Banzai Lounge. I really like the idea of him starting a family business running various venues with his architect dad. I even managed to use one of Muriel’s sculptures.

Daniel took Lola to the new bar, and Emmanuel spent the evening moonlighting there.

The next day, Emmanuel completed his transformation into a vampire. His first victim was Selena Savage.

When Bridgeport first loads, Selena only has three traits, but at the start of this generation I had used Master Controller’s ‘populate traits’ command to give any sims missing traits extra ones. She now has natural cook and loner, as well as her original neurotic, great kisser, good sense of humour, making her a perfect match for Emmanuel. She certainly appreciated his jokes and celebrity impressions.

Eugi’s was a hot spot that night, and I thought they both might prefer to go somewhere less crowded. I sent them over to Aquarius, where they stayed until closing time, chatting in the hot tub.

4 thoughts on “EP Legacy Gameplay 3.4

  1. The club makeover is great, interesting that Emmanuel decided he wanted to be a vampire. Your clubs often look pretty populated do you just keep an eye on where the hot spots are? Really liking Caden’s full name it just has a nice ring to it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Yes, I have someone read the newspaper each morning – usually Emmanuel as he doesn’t have much to do these days. That picture of the big crowd at the prosper room is because Vanessa had thrown a party there, but generally I don’t have a problem getting enough inactive sims into the clubs for my household to socialize with. My clubs in Bridgeport are a little less busy than my clubs in other towns though, just because Bridgeport has fewer sims living in it than other towns. There are so few places to live, that I keep seeing households of eight sims packed into a tiny two bedroom apartment, which often means newly-weds can’t move in together, and I don’t think that encourages them to have children.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the vampire transformation, what a great photo you have of it! Emmanuel and Selena look great together – with their matching traits and vampirism hopefully they’ll have a lot of fun together.
    Vanessa and Harry look so suave and chic together in that photo outside the hospital – the perfect celebrity couple! I love how coordinated their outfits are, you always manage to pair colours and fabrics brilliantly to make totally unique-looking outfits.
    Emmanuel and Daniel’s joint projects on the venues are great – it’s such a lovely idea, and even better when they can use Muriel’s sculptures as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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